Toshiba Catches Up With Retina, Demos 367ppi Display (4″)

Apple leads the pack when its comes to display ppi (pixel per inch) on smartphones. The iPhone 4’s Retina display with 326 ppi stole the show last year and though a lot of manufacturers have phones with good displays out there, we are yet to see anything beating the Retina displays resolution. But now as the iPhone 4 gets a year old, the competition is really heating up. With Samsung readying a Retina display for tablets, Toshiba has just also unveiled a 4″ display, capable of playing back 720p movies (720×1280) and a pixel density of 367ppi.

 720x1280 Retina Class Display

This thing sure sports a resolution higher than a few tablets that we have seen in the market. The Hitachi display doing similar resolution on a 4.5″ screen now looks old. Engadget seemed impressed with the output and we wonder what would eventually run this display? An Appy surprise or the Androids?

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