TRAI Regulations Will Enable Users With Pan-India Number Portability

TRAI Regulations Will Enable Users With Pan-India Number Portability

Wouldn’t you want to retain the same contact number when relocating┬áto a different state? What if there is some way to save yourselves from the hassle of messaging every contact of yours to update your details? If you are amongst the ones bugged by such problems, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has come up with a solution for that. TRAI in its latest regulations has approved the option for users to retain the same contact details on a pan-India scale. Until now MNP (mobile number portability) was only confined within the same circle.

India for now is divided into 22 telecom areas or circles. While many of the states are considered to be one or are clubbed with adjoining states, some of the states like Uttar Pradesh is divided into different circles. With such division, there was a need for an option of pan-India number portability to users. On Wednesday (25th February) reading its sixth amendment for the MNP, issued this for the subscribers. This regulation will come to action by May 3, 2015.

Along with this there were two more regulations passed concerning the process details for the donor operator and recipient operator, when the user chooses to opt for another service provider while keeping the same number.

As per the regulation, the donor operator will have to provide with a notice within 30 days of due date of payment of the outstanding bill. And after a lapse of 60 days, the donor operator will not be entitled for any issue being raised under the clause of non-payment. Another regulation reading out for the recipient operator states that the users will be given a notice of 15 days for clearing out the commitments with the donor recipients. Users failing to this will be made void of any further services by the recipient operator.

MNP was introduced in India at start of 2011 and since then has facilitated the users with choosing the service provider according to their needs. This regulation is said to bring a lot of flexibility for the users but it is also bound to bring severe challenges in terms of its implementation. Overall, the users are at advantage which is great news.

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