Updates For Apps On Android Market Causing Problems For Android Developers

Android market is growing at a very fast rate right now and many developers have come in to develop for android and many people have shifted from operating systems like Apple and  Windows have shifted to Android but many of them are having problems with the fragmentation of devices in Android, and now a new problem has surfaced, the developers are having problems posting updates for their applications already present in the Android Market.


The developers are unable to post the updates because a bug present in the Android Developer console. The bug has been reported but there is no official word from Google yet which has made the developers frustrated. Some developers have also said that they have lost the ability to view the comments on their application posted by the users which have kept them in the dark of about what the consumers think.

We hope that Google acknowledges this bug soon and removes a patch for it. If this problem is left like this then it will cause many problems and many developers to shift their interest from Android.





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