US: Samsung I927 aka Galaxy SII Headed To AT&T

The only Android device that we hear selling in millions in opening months is the Samsung Galaxy SII. The SGS2 is widely accepted as one of the best smartphones out in the market today and the dual-Core Android smartphone is finally coming to US. So far there has been talk of SII being delayed in US due to carrier negotiations not going through, but Samsung seems to have cracked AT&T here. 

Samsung Galaxy S II - AT&T

BGR has exclusive pictures of the Galaxy S2 that would launch on AT&T in August. And here is a little surprise, it has a slide out QWERTY. Mimicking Motorola’s Droid series that has done well in US, Samsung would release a version of its fastest selling smartphone Galaxy S II with a physical keyboard.

It’s odd that the Galaxy S2 is out in many countries including India, but US hasn’t got it. For Apple, US is the primary, first and biggest market for the iPhone. It always launches the iPhone first in US and then goes global, while Samsung is a Korean company, we wonder why its flagship product isn’t engineered to launch sooner in US. Coming September iPhone 5 would be out and while that doesn’t mean Galaxy S II has something to worry, Samsung is missing on this golden period when there is no new iPhone in June-August bracket by Apple.

Samsung’s previous Galaxy S did pretty well and launched across different carriers in US with different names. We would expect the same with S2, different carriers, different forms. Also stay tuned for the Windows Phone 7 Mango version from Samsung!