Want to hard reset the Samsung Wave? Here’s how!

Resetting the Samsung WaveWhile we were quite impressed with the Samsung Wave, one problem that seems to have cropped up in the handset is the problem in doing a complete hard reset, taking the phone back to exactly the state where one bought it.

Users who have found their phone acting funny or have simply wanted to wipe it clean before handing it over to a friend or reltaive have been unable to come across any “hard reset” options in the phone.

There is a “Reset” option under Settings and also the option to “Clear Phone Memory,” but according to at least four different users, these actually leave data on the device – a device reviewer (who we will refrain from naming) could not find a way to remove his/her e-mail ID from the handset, in spite of multiple Resets and Clear Phone Memory attempts, while another found his/her Mini Diary entry remaining in place.

From what we heard, neither the manual nor Samsung sales staff at different outlets seemed too aware of what to do.

Well, we have chanced upon a solution – and it is not too complex.

All you need to is actually type *2767*3855#(without the quotes, please) into the phone using the onscreen keypad and hey presto, it will revert to the factory state after a displaying a thoroughly ungrammatical message.

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  • Thank you so much. I had a few software problems with my wave which I coudnt rectify. Like duplicate menu items which cudnt be deleted or the dreaded “memory full, cannot install app” even when the default loc is set to memory card. This solved everything. Thanks again for this awesome post. You saved my day.

  • I want to thank you for your solution i have been looking all over the internet and have found nothing until now thanks alot 🙂

  • how long does this usually take as i see the message but it just seems to be sitting there like its stulled or frozen

  • Hi, I just did what exactly said in instructions, my phone rebooted but I figured out that my SamusngApps icon and FaceBook icon is missing but their name is still in my home screen. can anyone help me? please. .. .

  • Thanks a ton i was trying to upgrade my firmware from 2 weeks but every time it said that it needs 16mb of free space when i had around 114mb of free space
    Hard reset worked and my my firmware is upgrading
    Thanks again 😉

  • hey please help me my samsung wave 525 always restart i dont know what to do .. please help me ..

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