WhatsApp to get video calling soon

WhatsApp to get video calling soon

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app is rumored to get video calling soon. The feature will be a huge add on to the app that had launched the calling function earlier this year. The app was acquired by Facebook and this may be the influence of the social network giant to bring the video calling function to the app.

There are a few apps that already do video calling like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hangouts among a few others. The calling feature on WhatsApp gained huge popularity as it rolled out to the masses. The rollout for WhatsApp call was slow and gradual as it rolled out it stages. The calling feature is now available by default for all users registered on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Video Chat

We can expect a staged roll out for the video calling feature as well once it makes its way out of private beta. The leaked screens grab is on an iOS device and looks like it covers all basic video calling functions. The microphone on the phone can be switched off and the feed can be toggled between the front camera and the rear camera. There are no leaks or news of the functionality on a Android smartphone yet.



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