Xiaomi Launches 2 New Unique Headphones In India

Xiaomi Launches 2 New Unique Headphones In India

Chinese company Xiaomi completed its first anniversary this month and celebrations are in full swing. As part of ongoing anniversary celebrations, Xiaomi has introduced two new headphones in India.

These headphones include a redesigned in-ear set and a new over-the-ear model. The new Mi in-ear headphones have a sandwich design which has been patented. The new headphones have a launch price of Rs 999. Also, these headphones are successor to its Rs 799 in-ear headphones.

The new Mi in-ear headphones claims to have improved treble output due to optimized front cavity. The entire package consists of a cable winder and additional earbuds in three sizes. This gift wrapped package is a great deal worth its value.
Famous for its innovative approach, Xiaomi has also introduced for the first time over-the-ear headphones. These Mi headphones feature a premium look at a price of Rs 5,499. The headphones come with aluminium grilles and have a black leather-like band with red stitching. These foldable Mi headphones have an acoustic system supported by a large 50mm diaphragm.
As the span larger than regular headphones, the firm boasts that the headphones are capable of delivering exceptionally clear sound. A built-in mic with 3D audio produces realistic surround sound while its dual-damping system reduces ambient noise.
In a note, Xiaomi said the headphones had soft PU ear cushions filled foam and weighed 220 grams. The headphones are available at their official website. Xiaomi said, “The metal composite diaphragm speakers are allowed to operate naturally to deliver a high-fidelity experience. In addition, a separate output channel and output hole in the front cavity provide better balance and treble performance.
They had patented technology to fully optimise mid-range and bass output, statement further added. Xiaomi said the built-in Knowles MEMS microphone provided stability despite its tiny size. They were fully compatible with Mi phones and partially compatible with iOS devices except the volume up and down functions. The headphones come with durable, break-resistant Kevlar fibre cable.

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