Xiaomi Plans To Manufacture Its Phones In Nokia’s Chennai Plant

Xiaomi Plans To Manufacture Its Phones In Nokia’s Chennai Plant

Since making its debut in July 2014 in India, Xiaomi has been one of the most talked about smartphones. The company is now in talks with its chinese manufacturing partners Foxconn and Inventec to extend its presence to India. China’s top mobile phone manufacturing company Xiaomi is looking to manufacture phones locally in India, possibly in Nokia’s now-defunct plant in Chennai.

Manu Jain, Xiaomi’s head of operations for India stated that the Tech giant was looking at manufacturing their range of products in India. He however did not confirm if Chineses tech giants were looking at Nokia’s idle Chennai plant.

Should things go as per planned, Xiaomi will be the first major Chinese tech player to set up manufacturing facilities in India. This would boost Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” plan. Nokia’s Manufacturing plant has been vacant since early November. The plant was left out of 7 Billion Dollar Deal in which Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Handset manufacturing division due to pending litigation on that property.

Xiaomi has surpassed Samsung as the leading mobile manufacturer in the world and has sold 8 lakh units in India alone since its launch in 2014. Xiaomi has realised the importance of the Indian market in its long-term global plans and has been looking at improving its presence in India.

“We are beginning to explore opportunities for manufacturing in India,” Manu Jain, operations head for Xiaomi in India, told TOI. “India is a big market and we would like to be close to our customers.”

One of the main reasons for Xiaomi to set-up a manufacturing division in India is demand according to Hugo Barra. “We are shipping absurd quantities to India. We have gone from shipping 50000 a week to 200000 week.” This move is also in keeping with Xiaomi’s new strategy wherein the company will look to consolidate its position in existing markets rather than expanding into new territories, Per Bloomberg. Xiaomi’s decision to shift its operations to india is also in an attempt to allay fears that exist regarding how the Chinese government has access to user data.

Hugo Barra gave an exclusive interview to Yourstory.com  discussing their new strategy and plans for India. Wherein he




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