Intex Launches Two New Mini Home HD Cinema Devices

Intex yesterday announced the launch of a Mini Home Cinema Device bringing a new era in disk free portable entertainment. In an age where people now store a considerable amount of their memories in digital format; these devices deliver high definition play for videos, audios, pictures and even e-books at your home.

In the Mini Home Cinema one can connect digital storage devices such as USBs, Portable Hard Drive, Flash Drives and even Memory Cards (SD/ MMC) and get HD quality on our Television. It is capable of playing almost all formats of audio and video and is certainly an attractive prospect for customers of the TV’s that doesn’t support all formats and inputs like HDMI. Its ability to display e-books is the most standout feature in the current generation home entertainment systems.

The UI is very easy and can be managed with the help of a remote control. The compact design makes it portable and convenience for entertainment. It has a low-power processor with effective ventilation design for easy head dissemination making it energy efficient as-well.

Intex Mini Home Cinema comes in two variants i.e IT-MHP-720 and IT-MHP-1080 and costs Rs. 2875/- and Rs, 4025/- respectively. The unique difference between them is that the IT-MHP-1080 model can be connected to both TV and a computer monitor.

It is surely capable of finding its way into a customer’s wish list.


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