Mumbai Blogcamp! Bloggers Day Out

We all know how bloggers are and how their lifestyle is. These people usually meet new friends, talk to them and visit new places on the net. As such a blogger at the end of the day hardly goes out of his room forget leaving his house. In that sense it was very different for me to imagine that there is a camp being held for bloggers and these species would actually leave the comfort of their house (I mean their desktops or laptops) and spend their whole day away from their systems and not blogging. So I expected a very few would turn up for the event. Imagine my surprise to see 100 odd people showing up at the venue. (Well obviously, I hardly knew about the event then.)

Well I must tell you that this was a very different experience. Something that doesn’t happen anywhere. Here, no one could recognize the other, yet they knew each other very well. Ironically, they were meeting the other personally for the first time. Now that’s what they mean by ‘the net has brought the world together and its getting smaller.’ The day started out with introducing each other which helped break the ice. Compering done by Moksh was good. The sessions were educative and thought provoking at the same time. It was amazing to see how this camp brought everyone at the same level be it a kid from the 9th standard or a housewife who has just started blogging.

I jumped to the opportunity and did a quick session on Healthy Computing / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Unscheduled, unprepared and having prepared the slides just moments before taking the stage, I would have been one nervous kid, only if we didn’t had the coolest host possible – @mokshjuneja. Given the light atmosphere that Moksh managed to create, everyone surely felt at home. Things went smooth for the first few slides as I spoke about CTS, but then the room went berserk as the screams started as soon as I turned to this! 😛

I didn’t mean to scare the audience actually. Was just trying to make them aware of the harmful consequences that constant exposure and incorrect posture to the computer can lead to; having personally experienced CTS myself and overcome it. One has to stay away from the computer for months (3 months in my case add to it my splinted hand as well). Thanks to the ergonomic keyboards and mouses made available to me by the great one ( 😛 ); I hope to keep CTS at bay!

It was amazing to listen to others, see what motivated them to write and what keeps them going. It was a true learning experience. Overall individually this was a wonderful experience and I would want to attend this lovely event again and again.

Head over to theIdeasmithy for all that you need to know about the Blog Camp. Photos by @ranjeet_walunj [flickr]

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