Nexus S Android 2.3.4 Variants, Update For Various Models

Many Nexus S users in India and many other countries are facing problems updating their Nexus S to the latest Android version 2.3.4, some of them have got the OTA but it does not really update the device. The manual update also depends on the model of various Nexus S in different countries. Many people have been telling me about this on twitter and asking me for a workaround so I thought of writing this post so that all the people having difficulty updating the Nexus S can download the manual update according to their model Nos.


Let me first say that Google has been rolling out the updates according to the model no, the Super AMOLED devices in the US are getting the OTA updates first, whiles the SLCD versions in India and other countries are coming in a bit late. So this guide will show you the Model Numbers and the specific ROM for that model.


  • The following procedure does not require root
  • The ROMS provided are not patch which Google provides, its the complete ROM


Model Numbers and their OTA variants are given below:



GRJ22, KD1: you can download the ROM from here

GRI40, KB1: You can download the ROM from here

GRI54, KB3: You can download the ROM from here

GRH78C, JK8: You can download the ROM from here

GRH78, JK8: You can Download the ROM from here



GRJ22, KD1: You can download the ROM from here

GRI40, KB1: You can download the ROM from here

GRI54, KB3: You can Download the ROM from here

Model: i9020A

GRI54, KB2: The official ROM has not been released yet

The Android 2.3.4 update for some devices has not been released yet

If your device model is not listed here then plese do let me know

We will be updating this post regularly so stay tuned

How to apply the update:

  • Pick out the appropriate Update for your model from the above list
  • Copy the update to the root (not in any folders or sub folders) of the internal storage in your device
  • turn off the device
  • boot into recovery by holding down the volume up button and the power button together
  • Choose recovery (use power button to select)
  • Once you boot into recovery press power button and then volume up
  • select “Apply update from /SDcard”
  • Select the update file you downloaded
  • Reboot after the update is done



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