OG Review: Samsung Monte S5620 (Capacitive love!)

The all new Samsung Monte S5620 just arrived at our office and I would admit that I wasn’t expecting too much from this as its just another Corby / Star like phone from Samsung. We have already seen the Corby, Corby Pro / Plus, Star, Start 3G, Start Superb and others in this series by Samsung, however the Monte sheds the Corby or Star brand and brings a much more smartphone looking design. The price point and target market remains the same as the Corby or Star series. However the Monte managed to impress us more than any of the Corby series lately.


  • UMTS dual-band European/Asian 3G
  • EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA 3.6 Mbit/s
  • 3.0″ touchscreen / 262k colours
  • 320X420 resolution
  • MircoUSB slot
  • Bluetooth AD2P, WiFi
  • AGPS
  • 3.2 MP camera
  • FM
  • Wt: 92 gms!

In the box:

  • Handset
  • Battery (1000 mAh)
  • Power charger
  • headset
  • soft cover
  • Manual, CDs
  • 2GB microSD / with SD adapter


As mentioned before the Monte S5620 is a much more mature looking phone compared to the Corby or the Star (leave apart the Star Superb) and the design is pretty neat. Slim enough to handle, pocket-able, rounded back and a relatively flat front (weighs just 92 gms). The front houses the video calling camera and the Call / End button apart from a middle button that lets you navigate backwards. There is a dedicated lock screen button on the right side along with the camera button and microSD slot. The left side has the volume controls. The body is totally plastic, but the buttons are large enough, crisp and usable. On the top you have the micro USB port and audio jack. The mic is placed on the front itself (just below the call / end / middle buttons).


Monte S5620 is by far the most impressive device I have handled in this series. Double tap to zoom images, flawless accelerometer (while viewing images, no landscape QWERTY though) and a rich set of features giving a really high value for money. How many full touchscreens with a WiFi, 3G, FM and A-GPS (Google Maps / Latitude)  at Rs 8800 ($200)?

The phone has almost all the standard features that you want and also features a front camera for 3G video calls (though that’s something you won’t use at-least in India for sometime now). The large enough 3.0″ touchscreen is good real estate for media consumption and the default apps / widgets are nice enough. You have a converter app, YouTube, Maps, Dictionary, Image editor, Gmail (mobile version not the app you are used to on Symbian), Facebook and more. Monte features the same old TouchWiz UI of Samsung, but this time the touchscreen works just magically perfect. The widget on the homescreen are now placed on the bottom (horizontally) and is much more accessible.

The phone might not be super fast in navigation but the irritating nature of the touchscreen malfucntions (accidental clicks etc) isn’t a problem anymore. The capacitive touchsceen here brings a lot of joy ( I was realy with a key to test the display to show its resistive and then realized with a surprise that its not). However the weakness of Samsung’s OS can be seen with no full screen QWERTY accommodated on the 3″ display. At-least a landscape typing should have been enabled, but then this ain’t a smartphone that, rather something that would feel comfortable for first time touchscreen users to use. The T9 / keypad works fine for typing (the www. and .com shortcuts are good for surfing). The web browser is basic and gets the work done (double tap to zoom works here aswell). YouTube.com works by loading videos on a YouTube player (the browser has limited Flash support) however other video sites fail to work properly. I got audio from dekhona.com but video didn’t playback properly (btw you can surf web in landscape mode as-well).

The media support is decent with audio playback in MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA fomats and video in MPEG4, H.263, H.264. The addition of a 3.5mm audio jack is pleasant. The bundled headset along with the device is pretty neat and sound quality is good. You can record songs from FM :) . And our Sony Ericsson MW600 worked perfectly over bluetooth giving stereo output.

The 3.2 MP camera lacks flash or autofocus but a decent entry level camera. Overall the media features aren’t great but good enough to have (I quite like the loudness of the inbuilt speakers). Here are a few test photos:

We also have a test video shot from the Samsung Monte on youtube.


While there is no doubt that Samsung Corby, Star or even the Monte are far from being a smartphone, a simple test that would convince you further is ‘trying to connect the facebook app over WiFi without inserting a SIM’. With all the features and refined touchscreen, the Monte still remains a cheap touchscreen phone that does better than the rest we have seen so far. We say go for it if you like the looks and features, but if you need apps and a smarter phone – go for the Nokia 5000 series selling under 10k!

Best buying price: Rs 8800 (Mumbai)

Its not the first time that Samsung has made me feel that they can deliver good hardware, the only thing missing is a smart OS! Once that gap is filled, the no 2 cellphone maker in the world can very well look to dominate at the no 1 position.

  • budhi ananda

    I WANT S5620

  • sungsung

    I checked this phone and fell in love with it…actually went to buy the 5560, saw this and decided to defer my decision till samsung decides to upgrade the phone with a qwerty touchscreen. the most imp feature for me is wifi. too cumbersome to type using the non-qwerty thing on this phone :(
    any idea when the upgrade might come in??

  • http://smartphonesnews.com/ Smart Phone News

    wow nice gadget

  • rach

    how much are you selling this phone for? and what network is it on o2?

  • Jitendra kumar

    Dear All,

    I bought this phone on April 09, 2010 at the price of 9,000/. Nice phone, but options of mp3 player are missing in the software. Ex: If i want to repeat, shuffle the song (options are missing). Iam still trying to find out where are these options.

    • nimisha

      when u play the song on music player touch the screen of music player at dat tym u got the shuffle & repeat option.


        I want to know, how set speed dial in samsung monte (GT-S5620) mobile.Kindly tell the tip to my email address. Thank you

        • shiva

          on home screen open the widgets,there u can find buddy list which is nothin but a speed dial.hope it solves u r problem

  • Kumar


    I have planed to buy this handset, any one has idea what is the price in the Bangalore(Store name).

  • Jitendra kumar

    Dear All,

    Just drag ur fingers once on the mp3 player screen, and shuffle, repeat options will appear. Quite amazing this is not written in the manual of monte phone. Further, phone is excellent. Camera quality is gud, sound quality is amazing, better than sony. Howver, some how I feel the O.S is not upto the mark. Whenever, you receive any bluetooth content, it doesn’t ask you if you want to see the file, it saves the file automatically as per the extension. Further, will update the page as per the future issues…

    Jitendra Kumar

    • sagar

      hey frnd…i want to know which 1 is better samsung monte or samsung star duos……..rply as early as possible




    i want to purchase these mobile…..is there any problem in viewing images without landscape options…pls reply

  • Annkur

    My vote: Monte

  • Taha

    Which one is better Samsung Monte or 5560…..and where will they both get in mumbai

  • Dinesh

    Guys is there 3G in this phone…… please reply as soon thanks

    • Fida

      dont worry, 3G is there

      • rifath srilanka

        how 2 call in 3g tell me the way guys
        !! m wating 4ur reply ?

        • rifath srilanka

          plz guys i do’t kw how 2 call by 3g can u tell me the way plz?? m wATING HERE …………………………………………..

    • sooraj


  • Ace

    guys could tell me if the GPS in the mobile works well as heard it doesnt pick up signal easily ??

  • taha

    In mumbai where will be samsung monte will be available and how much bucks

    • Kshitij

      Its in mumbai at around 8500 – 9200 rs

  • Akshat

    Dear All,
    i brought this cell on 9th April, really got impressed by its connectivity, sound and camera quality but i didn’t found the feature to protect my bluetooth by password. i am still searching for it. Can u help me in this case.

  • Ted

    UK owner approx for two weeks.
    Battery life very good – Wifi good – Headphone sound good – Looks good (black/Silver) – Music player good.

    Photo viewing not good, accelerometer inconsistant, hard to avoid scrolling when trying to view a picture in landscape and wont work when you want it to – Fingerprint magnet – no Qwerty kbrd – FM radio locked up with no sound output would not change station or complete stn search even though it indicated searching, powered off/on to reset.
    Screen buttons require tapping twice when surfing web first tap selects the input box second tap activates.
    Touching often fails to activate non icon inputs they require tapping to operate, perhaps this is a sensitivity issue (why no sensitivity ajustment.)
    General impression:- Unfinished product, could have been a great phone but did Samsung market the S5260 much to early having decided not to invest any more time in it’s full implementation (was this a trial run for a more advanced phone)

    • nag

      same problem sir… it is very difficult to manage scrolling when viewing in landscape …. how to avoid auto scroll of photos……………….Plz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me

    • nag

      same problem sir… it is very difficult
      …. how to avoid auto scroll of photos……………….Plz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me

      • drcbk

        place 2 fingers on screen at same time &spread verticaly,zooming red square will appear as border ;now no scrolling

  • Nidhi

    I got this phone as a birthday gift recently! I am just loving the phone….it has great features as everybody mentioned (3.2 mega pixel camera, touch screens is really good and touch sensitive, it has 3g and GPS too which i havent used and 2gb data card that comes bundled, a soft leather case, and its just 92 grams)! I am finding it extremely easy to use being my first touchphone….
    Go for it for the price it is (Rs 9k)!!

  • Jitendra kumar

    Dear All,

    Putting 00:16 minutes, which I spend on the creation of LSandH news letter work-load file.

    00:16 minutes on 16th April,2010.

    Jitendra Kumar

  • saurabh singh

    I bought this phone on April 12, 2010 at the price of 8650/- Nice phone. in ths phone i like 3g n wifi

  • Sridhar

    Can we download skype application on this phone and use its internet phone feature

    • Sash

      You cannot download skype directly……..but you can use it by the Nimbuzz Application !!

      Download nimbuz and use skype on it !!!!

      Gud Luck ! :-D

      • Murali

        i want to make free video/voice calls to abroad countries. could you please tell me which application suit my requirement.
        (don’t suggest fring or skype its not supporting in Monte)

  • Rahul

    GPS is not getting updated in my phone, but still a great phone at a great price…

  • pp

    what about its wifi operation is it good?

  • Aadish

    can anyone tell me where to buy this in jaipur….

  • salman

    i have plan to buy this phone…… can any one guide me?? i want to know how is the picture viewing option???? plz reply me fast.

  • salman

    plz guys reply me fast……

  • dominic

    Da MONTE is a rutty cool device…. lotsa fun …. osm features n besta all easy on da pocket …… textin s pretty faast n eay evn 4 first time users … touch sensitivity is definitely beta dan da nokia and so is the image clarity …. this is the big mammaaa of all samsung touch youth phones …… LOVIN IT …..

  • Jason

    Does someone know how to change the home page setting on the Monte ? I cannot seem to find the setting to do this …
    Thanks in advance

  • Alesh

    I had plan for Nokia 5530. But in shop I saw this handset.
    Seller told me that Big advantage is 3G. it is not in Nokia 5530.and 170mb in built. Nokia 5530 coast is 10,600 and this i bought 9,300+200 for upgrade of memory card from 2Gb to 4b.

  • Arshad

    Isnt there any widget to help install QWERTY on Monte?

  • harry


  • Errol

    I love the look of this phone, it is stunning. I am going to have to buy this for myself, well done samsung on another excellent phone.

  • Shanky

    where can i get dis mobile in mumbai as well as thane

  • amit

    value 4 money….

  • rakshit

    hey guys, plz let me know when the qwerty feature will be loaded into monte…this is the main feature that is stopping me to buy this phone

  • sharad

    yuuupppiiieeee.. i had buyed dis phn… its so cool man…. all features we need …. hurry up by it….

  • NEHA

    hey…i want to know..is samsung monte is capable of playing utube videos???plz reply soon..i want to buy it/……..

  • Lyn

    The monte is a waste of space! it is advertised for its amazing social networking feature and it doesnt work!! every time i try to connect to the internet i have a range of error messages ‘request timeout’ ‘DNS error’ ‘no response’ what use is that to me?! and the screen is constantly flipping from landscape to portrait which is highly annoying. i am desperately trying to get out of my contract as this phone is useless. DON’T get a monte!

    • Vinay

      Hey, Its the problem wit ur network profile, ask for the best settings from service provider and u’ll be able to use properly. It used to happen with me earlier, and i found out tat correct settings is wat we need. SN Apps are really useful, specially when u want to upload photo directly to facebook, picassa, etc albums. Register in the Communities first. Then u’ll find out that no phone can be better than monte when it comes to integrated SNS.

  • Ami

    .how is the battery backup of this phone?

  • Jo

    Hello, can you tell me how to active my Palringo? It doesnot work on my Monte, I have an account from Palringo :( And can I install Skype on it? It says that not available for device? Lot of software NOT work on it :(

  • jain

    HEY,, m getting confused between monte and nokia 5800.. my requirement is a good music system and a good camera.. price not much of an issue!! please help me out

  • Maya

    dude i have taken this phone it is and cool and sexy

  • RK

    How to activate GPS in S5620? Pls reply me fast.

  • Alesh

    I got Airtel internet connection but
    I have a range of error messages ‘request timeout’ ‘DNS error’ ‘no response’ .

  • Sudip

    Monte is great. It can play youtube videos. type m.youtube.com
    Battery backup is great.
    For homepage setting set the homepage in wifi or gprs connection setting.
    GPS requires Net connection and will open with Google maps inside Google apps.
    Smart unlock is great. You can just write an alphabet in screen and the required apps is opened.
    Camera is great with shooting panaroma and mosiac. Video and FM recording are absolutely great.
    Sound is good even without headphones.
    Nothing beats samsung in this price.

  • avanti

    really a gud phone……….phone leaves upto its expectations…..nd in an economical range has all features like a smart phone……….3g,wifi,push email,nd many other apllications….

  • Chetan

    I’m getting this fone on 4th june…..freakin exited

  • http://www.google.com sumit

    in worlds my favourite car is scorpio or favourite mobiles are samsung moblies i just buy the monte and i feel it is really reliable for all

  • milind

    hey i had buy this phone………..its too coooooool,all function thats u want available in this mobile.

  • Darien

    Well, I just got mine everything is good looking for the shuffle song feature? go to the music player play a song and tap the screen it should have 2 options on your right . i’m kinda unhappy with the no landscape smsing.

  • richa

    i just want to know whether charging point and headset point are same or different in monte

  • http://info-gadget.com Info Gadget

    its really a nice phone. superb styling, advanced 3G Wifi support. good looking.
    missing flash in camera. i just luv it


    HI .. I want to know how to use gps and in gpssettings check valid time its getting reduce how to use it can anyone reply..

    • Ajay

      if u know how to use GPS in monte, please tell me also

  • Alesh

    Dear Richa,
    Charging point and Headphone point is different and also different in shape.

  • abhinav

    its a cool phone , but wanna know can we play ogg format songs in it, waiting for a reply .

  • tanvi

    the phone is good…bt i m not able to connect to internet through the wifi..i tried evrything…reseting the phn adding all ip addresss…plzzz help

  • tanvi

    the phone is good…bt i m not able to connect to internet through the wifi..i tried evrything…reseting the phn adding all ip addresss…plzzz help

  • vaibhav

    hey guyz a gr8 phn. bt wanna noe hw can v view msgs while attnding a call…..plz tell vry urgnt…

  • shark

    can garmin@mapking downloaded to the phone..

  • http://www.google.com nams

    Hello frds,
    i have one query-
    if fm is running n i want to change the radio station via headset??
    can nyone tell me is it possible to change with using headset.
    i tried but no change.

    Thanks in advance,

  • http://www.google.com nams

    one more query-
    if a dialed a no. n press call button, call is started/progressing but phone got locked….is there ny setting??

  • aswath

    I purched this phone two weeks before for Rs 8900/- great to use it.
    This phone doesnt support ogg format.

  • aswath

    I purched this phone two weeks before for Rs 8900/- great to use it.
    After u dail a no the phone locks and u have to press unlock key in the side to unlock the phone and u will get many options like speaker phone etc.

  • aswath

    the phone connects to WiFi very easily . we no need to change any settings .i think ur wireless modem has to change some setings.you better contract modem dealer for this problem

  • aswath

    error messages like ‘ request timeout’ ‘DNS error’ ‘no response’ .are due to network providers problems .its not because of phone problem.if u get errors u try after some time

  • aswath

    can any one say where i can download new themes for monte.
    whether themes can install in it

  • Amit

    I got this phone on 7th its awsome phone the looks are jaw dropping large enough screen . music is awsome with so many presets in eqilizer… Its a smart phone without actually being one thats why i bought it i love my desktop and max work i can do on that but to get a phone that matches needs and is easy on the pocket was amazing the capacitive touch feels smooth and glassy even the rest of the phone being plastic feels absolutely sober. i personally love the etiqutte pause feature great to hav in your meetings and lectures . I have been closely monitoring the touch response its like it knows wat you actually wanna open when you scroll thru. only thing thats a bit problematic is the you need to give the phone some time after a call as it freezes for 2 seconds but i can do with that for 9000

  • sanjeev

    hey guyz a gr8 phn. bt wanna noe hw can v view msgs while attnding a call…..plz tell vry urgnt…

  • johan

    ik heb last van touchscreen problemen hij zit er afentoe helemaal naast heeben andere daar ook last van??

  • Amit

    @ sanjeev
    k its a bit tricky to see msgs… after the call is connected press the call button again to open the call log[no need to open the phone lock], then you should know whose msg you are searchin for tap on the same contact scroll down to find the msg .

  • ankit

    samsung monte is good or nokia x6 is good . please reply

  • bharat

    I have purchased this mob yesterday and i’m not satisfied with its sound, camera and battery. I have switched on both WIFI n bluetooth n the battery is down by 2 bars in lessthen 5mins. But connectivity is superb. Keypad is good i’m comfortable. I hve seen some saying loudspeakers are good bt not with my phone..Do you think there is any prob with my phones speakers ?

  • prince

    i bought monte three days back. it is just an awesome. superb phone for this price is really good. i loved it.

  • Mayank

    gr8 phone…value for money…n almost has every thng…d only thng lackng is the qwerty keybord..rest is good

  • karthik

    anybody plz tel me. samsung monte is used to msg easil or difficult????????? plz help me.

  • Aneesh

    The mobile store and univercell guys were telling me that this phone is no longer available. :( it looks like a damn good phone for this price..

  • maria

    are there any other headsets except from the original ones??? they are really uncomfortable and my S-5620 doesn’t recognise them…:(

  • manju

    youtube website is opening & vedios files are not working in the youtube and showing with error message “DNS error”. Can anybody help.

  • nancy

    when I try to connect through Wi-Fi “Authentication Failed” is shown. what am I doing wrong? I know all the codes, but I dont know what I did wrong or didnt do…

  • GK

    For peoples who are unable to connect WIfi refer google search for connectivity option

  • GUS

    Overall I have heard nothing but good things about this phone but my main concern is the GPS function, specially here in the USA, does it really work?? Do I need to have Internet access to use the application or is the information transmitted just through the phone signal? Please help me out on this since this is the main reason for me to get this phone. Thanks

  • raju

    should i buy Samsung monte or Samsung Star Superb

  • Rob

    i think think monte is an awesome phone but theres something i want to know before buying…
    some say it plays youtube videos and others say it doesnt

    so, doest it ?

  • paras

    hey guyz……..tell me…. howz the touch of monte it is like nokia or samsung star 3g ….???plz reply me fast……………..

  • maria

    for everybody that is asking,monte does play youtube videos and everything :P



  • Alok Jain

    I bought this phone on june 28, 2010 .
    I am not able to do any thing ,if i am charging the phone via USB,
    please suggest me what i can do ?

  • ajay

    hey..monte does not support .flv files… how can it play youtube?

  • gajendran

    hi guys i like this model, but i have confusion whether to buy nokia E63 or monte, in nokia we can play with applications. But does monte supports installing applications manually through installation files? and does it give good connectivity? and will it hang? and it seems that the camera is not quite impressive for a 3 mega pixel and Is the touch screen difficult for sending sms? please help me…..nokia E63 or samsung monte?

  • gajendran

    and one more thing can we use pdf in monte is it a smartphone?

  • gajendran

    please tell me guys nokia E63 is better or this Samsung monte is better? :(

  • maria

    actually monte plays a huge variety of youtube songs..but not all of them..for example , i tried to watch a specific video and it was written that my monte doesn’t support this kind of video…but who cares? i watched another one =P

  • Jeev

    Is this mobile has dual sim option
    tell me abt sim options.

  • gajendran

    ok guys please tell me i am going to buy a cellphone around 9000 can i buy nokia E63 or this samsung monte? reply me it is urgent i need to buy a mobile in 3 days

  • Jo

    Samsung Monte is the best!!!!

  • gajendran

    ok few small queries bro…..can i install free applications in monte….and is the reception good or not some say they dont get reception well…..please reply….

  • gajendran

    ok few small queries bro…..can i install free applications in monte?….and is the reception good or not? some say they dont get reception……is it true…..please reply….and how is the voice during calls?

  • Vaibhav Jain

    I purchased the new MONTE yeastersay…. but the key for switch off got malfunctioned……I would say tht dnt trust it………..

  • gajendran

    ok i know samsung cannot be trusted as nokia

  • gajendran

    but i get the comment on both the ways…good…….bad……etc. what can i do buy E 63 or monte?

    • Nimish Dubey

      Hey, in my opinion, the Monte is great if you are looking at lots of multimedia stuff on your phone. E63 is a rock solid enterprise device, really.

  • gajendran

    hi guys i have been analyzing nokia E63 and samsung monte s5620 for past few weaks in internet and i spoke personally with the guys who used it. And i concluded nokia E63 is the better phone.Some people used nokia E63 for 2 years without any problem and some people sold their monte just after using 2 months. you may be easily attracted by samsung’s look and features but later you realize that it is not reliable and is not trustworthy, always trust Nokia which is purely a cellphone company which satisfies customer needs. And samsung in just a fake in my opinion. Many samsung products fails to satisfy the basic functionality of a cellphone (i.e) the connectivity and it doesn’t allow people to use free applications, games etc most of the time and even if people use they cant use it properly

    conclusion: buy samsung monte just to try its multimedia features under some risk factor and have nokia if you want a real cellphone worth for your money :)

  • gajendran

    and one of my friend is selling sony ericson x10 xperia for just 20,000 indian rupees. He just bought it last month for 30,000. but unfortunately his girlfriend bought him i-phone 4 from france :) so any body interested reply here

  • chin

    Hey give mail id.. price deal?

  • nidhin

    monte is good and delesios yar,,,,

  • gajendran

    hi chln where u from ? and my mail id is vgaje_r@yahoo.com

  • salman

    do any one know how to connect wi-fi setting..? i connected follow by manual… but it not connected…simply it shows….”NO RESPONCES FROM AP”… …if u know the solution… plz mail me on salmanpondy@gmail.com….as soon as
    go bless u al……!

  • chin

    Oh.. ok.. i bought Monte.. Nice product with reasonable price..


    DOES THIS PHONE MONTE SUPPORTS PDF?????AND .txt files????????????

  • Ashish frm Hyderabad

    Hello to everyone,

    I m going to buy Samsung Monte in August. I think it is the best deal to feel happy in just for Rs 9000 (Approx.) with all advanced and updated features. My best friend Alok from Dehradun has bought it in June 2010 ….he suggested me to buy the same….!!

    Thanks…… 2 Samsung Co. to introduce the best mobile for the student of new generation in India.

  • exotic09

    heyy..i just bought samsung monte and i am loving it..The only thing in which i am facing a problem is am not able to use other functions of phone during a call,,like i cant open my inbox when m talking to sumone..if neone knows more about this kindly share it with me too..

  • Pranit

    every things good functions are compromised but how can front camera be used to take a photo

    • Colin

      On Phone’s phonepad, type in: *#0*#. A test screen should appear, choose CIFcam and you should be able to turn on the front camera

  • sunny

    i hv bought this 1 week back …features is awsm…bt nw it starts givin me the problems it shuts automatically..while m talkin 2 sm bdy…or opend the media files…….nt able connect thru wifi..plz suggesst hw 2 do it…

  • Jack

    plannin 2 grab ds beauty…bt cn ny1 help me out in tellin whr i cn get d blak-silvr set in Jaipur undr wt amount?!
    nd how bou 8z Wi-Fi connectivty?
    plz hlp me out guys!!!

  • nischal

    i really liked this cell phone coz it have more specification n it cost less than comparison with other cell phone/

  • sid

    hey …i wanna purchase dis mobile..
    all i want to know is about its capacitive touch screen..
    can we use it after lamination
    and howz its sound quality

  • gajendran

    just buy E63 or E71 not this mobile

  • Moosa

    this phone is rely good
    its problem is there is only few application you can download for it & there is no map for navigation you have to use the internet map
    i have use this phone for last few month, i don’t have problems other than those two problem

  • saravanan.r


    samsung s5620 monte is better to use .
    sound good, youtube ply well, vedio playing very very good,
    but no support other applications like nokia. s5620 is 3g speed very good i got 4.1 mbps.


  • nady

    i am confugion wheter this mobile good are not plz give me replay

  • nady

    you give me replay whwtr it is good are not

  • akhildas

    this is very good phone but in this range one is thr galaxy apollo but that s not lauched in india

  • Gaurav Malik

    Can any1 help me knowing how to send group sms
    as everytime i had 2 select members even after creating groups.

  • http://www.facebook.com Ket

    Monte is a very awesome phn i wud say its a smart phone with all the fully loaded features and yah it does supports all the formatts like pdf, txt, word,excel… its a very cool phn by samsung really thy think beyond future..

  • swapnil


  • Libbit

    Hi im going to buy this phone but i would like to know when it was relised in the shops so if anybody could tell me that date it would be great thanks :) x

  • Shivnath Kandi

    Can someone advise me how to activate GPS on a Samsung Monte

    • Vinay

      GPS is just used to find out ur location.
      Menu -> Settings -> Phone setings -> Gps settings -> GPS+ settings -> download data
      wait until the data is donloaded and check for the validity of the data, it shud be around 167 hrs
      now go back to GPS psition -> satelite status
      make sure u have atleast 1 sat connecting
      go back to find ur latitude , longitue and atlitude

      Google Maps uses GPS and finds ur pos.

  • Sudipta Das

    Hi to all !!! I am from Kolkata. I am planning to buy a full touchscreen phone that has smartphone features like 3G, Wi-fi, 3.2 MP camera, GPS, large storage capacities, etc….within an affordable price. I thought of NOKIA 7230, 5800, 5235 but the survey in OG about Samsung S5620 Monte has caught my attention. But I do not agree that Samsung can parallel or outwit Sony Ericsson in sound output when we listen to music through stereo headset. I just sold my SE W580i. It sounded superb and possibly the best with good internet connectivity speed and nice photos with 2 MP camera. Anyway, in Mobile Store they are asking me to pay 9000/_ INR. Is it OK? i HAVE SEEN ITS PRICE AS 8000+ !!! One more thing, can I download third-party softwares and can install them in the phone like Symbian OS? In Samsung the proprietary software does not permit third-party software, as I presume. So, can I download themes, screensavers, wallpapers, mp3 tones from net? Though on net it shows some apps are there to be downloaded for this phone. So, can someone answer my queries? And finally what about HTC Wildfire? You can also e-mail me at sudiptawise@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance….. :)-

  • Akshay

    does Samsung GT S5620 Monte supports motion gaming

    • Vinay

      It does support motion gaming but ppl r working hard to actually implement on Monte.

  • raju

    hi guys
    i really like this phone but m a bit confused
    Should i buy samsung monte s5620 or nokia 5800 express music .
    plese reply be specific why that phone please

  • yatin

    qwerty pad is dere in dis phon or not?????????????

    pls tel me

  • Pankaj

    Sorry to say, but my experience with Samsung Monte has been very bad. I bought it on 12 Aug 2010, and today I’m facing problem. Phone turns off after display is off. Need to switch on again.


    sorry to say, samsung monte can’t take on nokia 5300 series in its feature and looks

    • Fida

      This is wrong. Monte has 3 inch capacitive touch screen, wi-fi and better web browser.


    What is the latest price of Samsung Monte S5620 in Chandigarh. Please tell me.

  • Zakh

    Will you be able to open word documents using Monte

    • Vinay

      Yes!!! It’s better to open with a third party app. But pdf can be open and viewed witout any problem.

  • Zakh

    Monte is best, dont compare it with idiotic Nokiooooooooo

  • nor

    GPS on Monte works with and without Internet connection. with google maps uses internet, but if you use “WE TRAVEL” it doesn’t use internet. If you download GPS data with your WI-FI it cost no money and the GPS connects faster but if you don’t download it GPS connects as well, but for aprox. 5 min. Just install a program ” We Travel ” and you ‘ll get absolutely free navigation

  • Libbit

    I want a phone thats quite new if its been out a while then im not intrested i really like the look of this phone can anybody tell me when the monte came out into shops?

  • Alok chander

    Hi All……….
    Can anybody tell me how many group sms are allowed……..
    As i see only 10 member i can add in one group……………
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i add it more………..

    • Vinay

      U can add as many as ppl in a group but u can send sms to 10 contacts at once.

  • Nilaxshaan

    I have a C902 phone …….
    Now I have decide to Change a Monte ………
    Is it Better than C902 ???????????
    Can any one guide me …..plz

  • naveen

    im planing to buy monte next week..
    may i know its current price in andhra pradesh?????
    and can any body tell me if there are any biggg negetive points or any problems with this phone?
    and is this phone worth buying for its price????
    plz guide me…


  • Rakesh

    Hi All,
    I have been using Monte since 2 months , Features are Pretty good. For all who wanna go vth low-end touch screen Monte is a better option to deal vth.

  • shashank

    i got this phone for rs 8600 with scratch guard in mumbai better than the best price in mumbai yipeee…

  • Kartikey

    i am going to buy this mobile before 10th of october i am ver excited

  • Sumit Thapar

    Hi all,
    I just bought Samsung Monte two days back…..Am telling u the truth…this phone is awesome…3g,wi fi, front cam,full screen video player….its full paisa vasool…i bought this phone for rs 8490 in chandigarh…..definitely buy this one…

    • ankur

      hello sir,
      pls tel about the complete address where did u purchase samsung monte at chandigarh????

  • shad

    i want s5620 mobile new software like call recode
    send to my mail address plz : shadshad7777@gmail.com

  • ganesh

    i will definatly buy this mobile soon…………………………………..

  • Libbit

    when did this phone come out on to the market????

  • anup

    hav read all da comments.hav been using dis phone 4 last 3 mnths.it has good net connectivity.plays youtube faster than many nokia phones.u cant take pics using front cam.but u can test it using *#0*# code.avg batt backup.supports pdf.social networking sites easily accesible using my vodafone gprs.havnt tried 3g yet.but heard its good.overall its the best choice in that price range.i had a deal of Rs8450+4gb card.am luvng it better than stupid heavy nokia sets.

  • pulkit

    is this ph supports 4gp fortmat vedio

  • Manish

    I want to know is it easily available in market

    • Annkur


  • manish

    ,hi, i want to know, if i download any application like mig 33, nimbuzz, where is this going to be stored? Can i store in external memory and work from it? how easily can i get the software for this mobile? can i install skype and work on it?
    all the features seem to be good in this mobile, had above mentioned queries been fulfilled then the mobile is definitely A++++++. and i am surely going to invest on it, so please reply me as soon as possible.

  • Naren

    Hi…!! I am using monte . i dwnlod games&app.direct with my phones but the app r games not displayed full screen .so plz help me how to get full touch games r applstions??? and one more qtion how to use wifi???plz replay me on my id (crazy.narendar@gmail.com)

  • mukesh

    monty phone is very good phone as i feel. i m definatly want to buy it. i heard that this set dont support third party applications. so i want to know that anybody feel virus related issue in it. coz not a single anti-virus software is available for it in the market. this set provide any inbuilt antivirus software or not? plz reply me as soon as possible.

  • MediaLEX

    for which version of the phone to take Numbuzz, because there is no support for S5620. at http://forum.nimbuzz.com/index.php?topic=5012.0 writes that there is no support. Please Help

  • Donald

    i want 2 monte. how is the phone. how is sound quality form headphone and mobile. should i by it ? pl replay. its urgent

  • mahsh

    how to play videos on mp4 mode in this mobile?

  • http://voiceofsikkim.com voiceofsikkim

    Are you stuck how to enable BSNL GPRS in Samsung GT S5620

    In East India I did it like this:
    Operator provided an details of manual setp

    Conn name: BSNLLIVE
    Access Point : bsnllive

    Proxy: 10.xx.xx.137 :8080

    rest do it urself

  • ice

    i buy ds handset last oct 2 im already dsappointed. how come i cant play youtube videos. PLEASE somebody help me.thanks

  • Sumit Thapar

    Buddy i have this phone and i spend my day watching you tube viseos on it…..try palying the videos from the communities icon…it playes them dude

  • anshul

    hiiiii all,

    I had gone through its features,monte rocks. Using it from last four months,it is a superb phone,with excellent wifi connectivity.

  • dev

    Does this phone support copy & paste?

  • Soyeesh

    Such a pathetic functionality.

    Doesnt comes with call recording, cant event access the menu while you are on call.
    Pathetic service , its better not to call for any clarifications

    Really regret this purchase I made.

    • CellFreak

      it actually does , you can access te menu while calling , just press the unlock key while you are calling, and if u go to voice recorder while calling , it does record the call

  • soyeesh


    If you are on a call and if you press the unlock key the options are call related to call only (like mute, hold , video call etc) You can access the phone book and send SMS to the current caller also I belive.

    For me in Samsung GT-S5620 could not find to move to menu so that I could access the voice recorder.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • Venkadesh

    anybody how to back up our contact in monte S5620.
    if u know reply this mail ID: venk_varath@yahoo.co.in

  • dubai

    Nice phone but we can’t adjust the touch sensitivity of the screen like we can do it on SE Vivaz

  • kumar

    in my monte, youtube is not working……………………..

    • vijit


  • soyeesh

    The S5620 active call gets terminated if a second call comes.
    Menu / any functions cant be accessed when u r on call.

  • michelle

    hi, does anyone know how to download themes for monte?

    • vijit

      this phone i am using 4m last 2 mths and this does not support any other theme then the given 2

  • Mike

    How do you set up speed dial on samsung monte s5620 please

  • KarthiK

    Hi all, can any one say is this screen is scratch free??????

  • minakshi

    tell me how can i work with wifi.
    whwnever i want to connect it a problem is there i.e. ‘no reply from AP’
    or this one’authentication failed’

    plzzz ……… tell me how to work with it

  • satish kurdia


    PLS HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nandakumar

    how to install in skype in samsung monte s5620

  • jidato

    good as it is

    software glitches
    the head phone when inserted and pulled out the phone stops giving any sounds at all (like no music play back, no ring feed back while dialing etc) except for incoming calls.

    second only one of the headphone outputs work (I checked inserting different headphones to check whether it was the headphones problem- i know that the jack is of a different kind –its factored in)

    its ok if the phone restarted again

    in essence the head phone just cant be plugged in


    sometimes either the buttons at the bottom or the touch screen hangs
    so you will have to try the clicking all buttons or restart for it to work

    not smooth in using
    you will waste time fidgeting with it all the time

  • Sachin

    hi i have monte previously it workin proporly but i need web browser i dont want to browse using inbuilt browser..
    i tried opera 5 beta 2 its workin but had navigation keys in jar file….. plz suggest me a web browser sutaible to GT 5620 (monte)…..

    samsung apps not available in india n in other countrier there are charger to download apps …..if this is true then nokia smart phones r better than samsung atleast they have ovi store for apps….

    • Nightcrawler

      1. Open the operamini.jar file in your computer using 7zip or winrar or some other archive manager. If you dont have the jar file, download opera mini 5 from the opera mini website.
      2. Open the folder META-INF.
      3. Open the file MANIFEST.MF using notepad.
      4. Add the following line at the end:
      MIDlet-Touch-Support: True
      5. Save the file and exit. 7zip tells you something like “The file has been modified. Do you want to save changes to the archive?” Click on Yes.
      6. Uninstall the current opera mini from your mobile.
      7. Transfer the modified jar file to the mobile, install and enjoy :)

  • djs

    Hi every one
    after reading all ur comments I want to know whether the samsung had updated this monte software of not? Rest of the things are fine with this phone. Does we have option for update of software.

  • rahul

    using is for the past 8 months..

    great phone amazing sound, good battery life, touch is good.

    only problem is sometimes it boots by itself…

    • Annkur

      Tried a software update at the service center? I am sure they would have an update

  • aditya

    guys! just bought Monte. i din see the reveiws before buying, anyways im impressed with all ur comments.. hopefully i din make a mistake buying thsi for 8.5k….

    and can i use the front camera other than a video call? i just could not find the option of front cam in it..

    • Nightcrawler

      1. Open the keypad, type *#0*#
      2. Choose 8. VGA Cam
      I think the only use of this option is to use the phone as a mirror…

  • shahbaz

    5620 were good mobile more than nokia5800 better
    shahbaz say
    December 29, 2010 at 8:14 am

    guys! just bought Monte. i din see the reviews before buying, anyways im impressed with all ur comments.. hopefully i din make a mistake buying this for 8.5k….

    and can i use the front camera other than a video call? i just could not find the option of front cam in it.. more

  • Ashraf

    can i make free nimbuzz call using 5620 monte using gprs or 3g
    frinds its urgent pleaser replay me @ ashrafshaikhh5005@yahoo.in

  • vetti

    i have a 4 month old Monte for sale in Chennai with bill and warranty if you’re interested.. I’ll sell it to you for 6.5k along with a free 4gb card.. mail me on kar2988 at gmail dot com

  • shivani

    Can anyone tell dat hw i transfer games from laptop to mobile because it does not transfer in my mobile even i install its both cd of it ,when i transfer the application then its show dat “ÏT DOES NOT SUPPORT FILE FORMAT OF THE APPLICATION ” plz tell me what can i do , and also why the games are of trial version and when send them message to give me full version , they did not gave me , plz suggest it

  • balvinder

    my samsung monte’s calling key and power key does not lit. is the mobile faulty or it is like that

  • balvinder

    my samsung monte’s calling key and power key do not lit green and red. is the mobile faulty or it is like that

  • Venkatraman R


    I have two questions about this phone:

    1. Can I install downloaded themes in this phone – My friends have complained that the earlier version phones does not support themes.

    2. Can I charge this phone via a computer?

    Venkat R.

  • leanne

    Can you tell me if going onto the samsung app and the games cost you if internet is not included in my package. Is going onto these part of the internet

  • jagmeet maan

    my mobile stereo headset is all ready change in box
    and its not change samsung
    box in two seal i shock it

  • SteveRichM

    how the hell do you use the monte’s browser i dont even understand how and where to setup my homepage – this should be an easy two click operation ( MAX)
    this phone sucks

  • vidya

    How To Create a Group In Samsung Monte S5620??