Samsung Launches The Nexus S In India

Google’s Nexus S, the developer phone originally manufactured by Samsung has finally made it to India officially. The phone has been officially priced at Rs. 30,400. That said there are a couple of retailers that are selling the phone for lower pre-order prices. The version of the Nexus S we would get here is the i9023 with the super LCD screen and not the i9020 with the super AMOLED display. The 4 inch display of the phone has a contour design. The phone also features an NFC chip – making it one of the very few smartphones that can boast of this capability.

The Nexus S runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and runs the plain jane, uncustomised version of the OS. It was also the first phone to get Android 2.3 being a reference phone. It is also expected to get all updates much before all other Android based phones get their updates. Thats a good enough reason to buy this one should you be an Android freak.

That said, your hands would be full with choices in a few months time when we would be seeing a virtual barrage of high end Android laden phones. Not that we’re complaining!

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  • The lower priced pre-orders by online retailers trying to get some cheap publicity before official releases.

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