Synthetic Seabed for Renewable Energy From Ocean Waves

We are sure there have been many interesting theories propsed before for generating renewable energy. But this one is right up there as Mohammed Reza Alam propses a radically different approach by utilizing the effects waves have on the ocean floor.


Reza, a researcher at the Univerity of California, Berkley in his paper published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society notes that as the sea waves move away from the coast they pull away mud on the sea bed. He suggests creating a “viscoelastic seabed carpet,” made of springs and generators. So the springs will be pulled bu the sea waves and as a result the mechanical energy generated can be harnessed and converted in to electrical energy which can then be stored in the generators.

He further adds that there is scope for installing a similar mechanism on the ocean bed, which would help increase the efficacy of the system by providing a wider area to work with. Though, this proposition brings up a huge question mark on the system co-existing with the flora and fauna on the sea bed and their safety as well.

Well, for starters it atleast promises to be interestingly different and effective than the conventional floats or buoys on the ocean’s surface, which many term as an “eyesore”.

For now Reza’s sustem is just a concept and with no working prototype. But we must admit that it’s exciting that scientists and researchers can come up with such interesting concepts. We hope that we soon find a reliable source of renewable energy which would help offset our dependence on the non-renewable resources before they runout. 🙂

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