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OnlyGizmos: We Talk Gadgets!

At OnlyGizmos, We Talk About Gadgets!

Our aim is to be a destination that provides unbiased and up to date perspectives on consumer technology. Phones (smart or otherwise), notebooks, tablets, the software that runs on them…if it has a chip in it and has software running on it, there’s a fair chance you will find it on the site.

No, we are not just another tech blog. We know that there are several of those around. We like to think we are different.  In 2008 we were perhaps the first ones to take on live coverage of an event like the IIT Techfest (Asia’s biggest techfest) and followed it up in 2009, ultimately being their official media partners for TechFest 2010.

We do NOT hoard gadgets to flaunt them at events. In fact, as a policy we give away gadgets that land at our labs for testing, if the company doesn’t want them back. We often give away any goodies (pendrives, etc) that we receive at press conferences.

Our relationships with companies often mean that we often get the latest gadgets and software to use and review. When we do not get them, we just  go and buy them off the shelf. Because, for us, our readers’ need to know is more important than a few pieces of silver spent.

Our commitment remains firm: to give you a dose of technology that makes a difference. It is not breaking news that we are after, but relevant information.

For, knowing what is happening is seldom as important as knowing what effect it will have.

We do this through articles, reviews, podcasts, video reviews, interviews, photo features, social network updates – anything that we feel will help get the message across effectively online.

We do not have a trophy cabinet – what we have is a dedicated staff. Committed to transparency and objectivity. Answerable only to its conscience.

OnlyGizmos is a blog about technology. It is not another technology blog.

And it intends to stay that way for a long time.

Thank you!

The Gizmo Team

The Team at OnlyGizmos


Arpit Verma (@redarpit)

Rishen Kapoor (@kapoorrishen)

Ruchita Mahimkar (@wordswali)

Aditya Shenoy (@adishenoy)

Kushang Dholakia (@ArrestedThinker)

Managing Editor: Rohan Naravane (@r0han)


Over the last 5 years, a number of extraordinary individuals have contributed to the success of OnlyGizmos. Here’s acknowledging them:

Rahul Srinivas (@whizkidd) – Managing Editor

Writers: Harshit Passi, Krishnan Iyer

Urmimala Rajkhowa (@urmiraj14) – Our Queen Editor 🙂

Swapnil Kale

Nimish Dubey (@nimishdubey) – Senior Editor

Edward K George

Aditya Kshirsagar (@a_itya)

Shraddha Mehta

Gaurav Munjal – Intern, Asst Editor

Tassavur Shaikh (Shaun) – @tassavur, Managing Editor

Monis Manzoor

Luke Abell

Mehul Ved (@mehulved)

Ex Columnist(s): Tushar Kanwar (@2shar) | Aalaap Ghag (@aalaap)

Founder / Contributing Editor: Ankur P Agarwal (@annkur)


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