Bend Your Phone and Wear it Like a Watch: Lenovo Demonstrates

Bend Your Phone and Wear it Like a Watch: Lenovo Demonstrates

At the Lenovo Tech World, plenty of announcements were worth noting. Motorola announced the brand new Motorola Moto Z and the Z Force, while the parent company Lenovo had a few interesting Phablets to show off. While the Moto Z did bring modularity, in a simpler fashion when compared to the LG G5, there was one more announcement at the Tech World that was worth writing about. Lenovo showcased the first really bendable smartphone and tablet at the Lenovo Tech World. Lenovo called the smartphone Cplus, which can basically bend all the way down to the point it can wrap around your wrist as a fitness band.

The tablet, on the other hand, can be net into half and actually resemble a small laptop. The idea here is that Lenovo wants to replace the hinges that we have seen on the Yoga series, which basically allow you to use a laptop with the screen completely free to rotate 360 degrees around the hinge. Smartphones with a curved display are something that we know thanks to LG’s G -Flex series but this is something even more unique.

Lenovo has confirmed that the phone will ship in two sizes, called medium and large to fit the different sized hands. The display, though, will be a foldable 4.26 inches diagonally and the phone will be powered by Android. Most likely, we will not see the phone in commercial stores till 2017, but it looks like bent displays or curved displays is what the next big trend is as far as the OEMs go. Samsung has been reported to be working on bendable phones too, and we could actually hear something about it towards the end of the year at IFA when the media assembles for the launch of the next Note device. You can watch the two bendable gadgets in action in the video embedded above.


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