Chrome no longer a battery hogger it used to be?

Chrome no longer a battery hogger it used to be?

Battery life is one aspect we constantly keep in mind especially when one is on the go. You have loads of work to do, but you can foresee the battery betraying you big time. So using a power efficient browser plays a vital role in minimizing the battery usage. Chrome has been used widely for its double digit speed and sleek interference. Chrome was the one that started off with push notifications from v42 and it has been one of the revolutionary innovations, with 350 million push notifications sent to users everyday. But one thing for which it has always been pointed fingers at, was for hogging battery.


Chrome has always been labeled as power hungry; depleting battery every chance it got. Windows Edge took advantage of this and went viral with fairing way better in comparison to Google Chrome in terms of power consumption. The ‘battery war’ was conducted between Chrome 46, Windows 10 Edge Browser and the latest versions of Firefox and Opera, which went viral as Edge performed better than Chrome. They also sent pop up messages that were anti chrome and tried to invoke people by placing themselves on a higher pedestal.


Google Chrome made a comeback with Chrome 53, subtly but powerfully and showed how they were better (better than themselves). Unlike Windows Edge, they competed against themselves; with their previous versions and came out with flying colours. Google chrome with its version 53, leverages extra 2 hours and 12 minutes battery time, while HTML5 videos were played non stop while the two surface books where unplugged.  ( Now that is 2 hours more for you to finish off those last minute work !)

Video showing battery life improvements (comparison of Chrome 46 and Chrome 53)

Using chrome on a Mac has always been a nightmare with chrome sucking on battery life.  But after the recent update, chrome uses 33 percent less power for any function that you need to get done. Now that’s a relief for Mac users who were about to give up on chrome.

Chrome has undeniably improved keeping in mind its previous versions. From Internet Explorer to Windows Edge, we see an enormous difference in performance as well as in power saving. In windows 10th anniversary update, they still claim to be better than all the competitors and chrome states that it definitely has leaped over the battery hurdle. Where as on the other hand Opera aggressively fights back saying it has the best battery life. People use browsers not just for watching videos, so the bottom line remains that not every result is conclusive. The browser power war has definitely pushed browsers to address the problem of battery life, so the future looks ‘bright’.

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