Did Tim Cook Speak About Apple VR to Emraan Hashmi

Did Tim Cook Speak About Apple VR to Emraan Hashmi

Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently making a 4 day India trip where is he meeting the PM, lots of people from the Indian film industry and even attended an IPL cricket match. Apart from maintaining the usual ‘no comment’ on future of Apple in media interviews, looks like Actor Emraan Hashmi has managed to get Tim Cook speaking about future Apple products.

Emraan tweeted a photo with Tim Cook and conveyed his eagerness to see how Apple VR would look like. Given that Apple VR hasn’t been so much in news for a VR product lately it is unusual that Emraan would think of this as a feature request. We wonder if Tim Cook spoke about Apple VR in a off the record meeting?

Here is the tweet from Emraan:

Given that Microsoft and Google are already in public with their VR product, it won’t be a surprise to see Apple follow with its own finished consumer product. Famous for not talking about underdevelopment projects and showing unfinished gadgets, Apple may just pull a retail version of its VR out of the hat at WWDC or later this year.

Tim Cook in his India trip seems to be taking time to understand the Indian consumer, likely getting tons of request to reduce iPhone prices 😛 and looking to play good with the local ecosystem & regulators. Announcing new hardware is far from Apple’s agenda during this trip.

Now the only thing that can make this more interesting is Emraan deleting his tweet upon request from Apple. Or more likely, Apple would maintain a golden silence on the issue. After all they can neither confirm or deny this!

Congrats Emraan. You may well go down in history as an Apple fan who leaked upcoming product line.

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