A Look At How Mobile Brands Score On Quality Of Twitter Followers

Wokay! We recently came across this tool for twitter which actually identifies the number of fake twitter followers any given user account has. And being as curious as we always are :P, we decided to check up on some of the well known international mobile brands and while most of them hover around 40-50% Good followers, some fall below 40 and in one case dips to 18% (with 40% fake followers).

International Mobile Accounts On Twitter

Samsung | Twitter handle: @samsungmobile | Followers: 26,31,687

We started off with Samsung, considering the fact that they have been doing fairly well to keep themselves in the news lately. When we checked in on them last they had 26 lac followers and here are their results.

Nokia | Twitter handle: @nokia | Followers: 3,13,803

We decided to check up on Nokia next it being one of the most prominent brands in the history of mobile technology and on a path to its resurgence.

RIM BlackBerry | Twitter handle: @blackberry | Followers: 10,58,274

With the brand dying a slow death are its followers also abandoning the ship or is the new Action starts here campaign is helping them do any better.

HTC | Twitter handle: @htc | Followers: 4,52,973

Like RIM, even HTC has struggled to find its feet lately and has been forced to shut shop in a number of international markets as its losses have refused to subside in spite of the highly appreciated One series.

Motorola | Twitter handle: @motorola | Followers: 1,19,394

Well, this fading tech giant, now owned by Motorola is in the danger of becoming just a patent troll machine for them.

Sony Xperia | Twitter handle: @sonyxperia | Followers: 49,863

Sony has been recently re-branded as Sony Xperia for its mobile division and has a certain oomph factor associated with it. Though, even Sony Xperia is trying to stage a comeback in the smartphone market.

Indian Mobile Accounts On Twitter

Samsung India | Twitter handle: @samsung_india | Followers: 24,442

Nokia India | Twitter handle: @nokiaindia | Followers: 30,873

Shocking! 40% of Nokia India’s twitter followers are claimed to be fake by this tool.

RIM BlackBerry India | Twitter handle: @blackberryin | Followers: 8,760

HTC India | Twitter handle: @htc_in | Followers: 3,479

Sony Xperia India | Twitter handle: @sonyxperiaindia | Followers: 1,756

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