Flash 10.1 Droid-X-perience on your HTC Hero

Last week we reported about Adobe Labs showcasing flash 10.1 on Droid X, this time we bring Flash 10.1 right on your updated HTC Hero.

Since the moment I saw Ben from Adobe Labs showing Flash 10.1 on Droid X, I felt the same like everybody else did. I too wanted the power of flash 10.1 in my hands. And then I looked at my HTC Hero. Maybe I don’t get my hands on Droid X, maybe I don’t get Froyo on my Hero, but I still love my Hero and I know that it’s capable enough. So here goes my response to Adobe Labs, fresh from Onlygizmos Labs.

*No offenses meant, just wanted to show to all HTC Hero users worldwide that your Hero is not dead yet!

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  • Hey, could you make a “how to video” or post to get that? I have the HTC Hero CDMA Android 2.1-Update1 Rooted and Overclocked. It would be really cool to get Flash 10.1 on it too, the flash player lite just sucks…

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