It’s Time to Sail

The date was decided long back, and as this day arrives, it just feels like yesterday when I was struggling to learn how to setup a domain on a shared server and get started. Yet, in my near 10 years of work life, OnlyGizmos takes the biggest share, both in terms of time spent and experience gained. I am immensely proud of the things we did at OnlyGizmos over the past 4 years, be it going out and covering science festivals, meeting some of the greatest minds in the world or creating an all new ecosystem for gadget lovers in India, we challenged the status quo every day. It is hard to describe this moment in words; the tech scene in India is finally taking off, right from innovative startups to evolving tech journalism. As always, I remain excited about the future.

Beginning 2012 (yes today) I would be moving into a new role and a new venture, leaving OnlyGizmos in the capable hands of my friend Shaun Tassavur. Shaun has been around ever since the early days of OnlyGizmos and I can bet my life on him, I would wish him all the best to take on a new challenge and keep delivering awesomeness. And hey, I would be around as a contributing editor, so every once in a while, you would hear from me as well.

For many of my friends from school and college, this is the moment to begin a new career and riding in the same, I am feeling the nervousness of starting up again. As I turn 25, a new challenge it is for me!

Thank you for reading me all these years, meeting up at GizmoMeets and welcoming me to Blogcamps / Barcamps / Startup Saturdays, it truly has altered my life forever.

The ship has just set sailing, you would see a lot more from me in years to come and for good reasons I hope 🙂


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Annkur TAD365 by @roycind

Photo Credit: Roycin D for #TAD365

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