MAXX Unveils Hexa (MX155), Rave (MX182) & Buzz (MX188) with Great Battery Life

MAXX earlier came out with a dedicated gaming phone in GLO MX388. Now, they have launched three new mobile phones with greater battery life at an absolute bargain. The handsets have been named by MAXX as Hexa (MX155), MAXX Rave (MX182) and MAXX Buzz (MX188). Manufactured especially for the low end consumers i.e. villages and small towns; these phones are designed with good battery life as these places are often affected by irregular electricity supply. Well, good battery life means long hours of talk-time which is an ideal requirement for today’s youth.

MAXX Hexa (MX155)

Priced at Rs. 1580/-, MAXX Hexa comes with an 1800 mAh battery which they claim ensures a talk-time of up to 6.5 hours and standby time of up to 600 hours. (This in my opinion is really poor considering Xperia Play which has 1500 mAh battery but gives greater talk time) The MX155 is a dual SIM handset with an expandable memory of up-to 2 GB and has FM radio, audio/video player, sound recorder and a melody composer.

One thing which I find different looking at the phone’s image is the Hexagonal shaped navigation key (Is that why they named it Hexa?). With Bluetooth and WAP enabled for browsing, it surely is good enough. But it really disappoints me as this handset doesn’t come with a camera! It is available in two colour variations i.e Blue and Orange.

Alas! What all can we expect in just Rs. 1.5k?

However, the next one seems to be of a better value for money.

MAXX Rave (MX182)

With a slightly better features and a 1.3 Megapixel camera comes the MX182 aka Rave. The Rave is claimed to give 30 mins more of talk-time and an hour of standby time than its brother Hexa. Housing a 1900mAh battery and with expandable up-to 4GB microSD slot, this is one of the phones from MAXX which I’m sure will attract the low end consumers.

The MX182 comes with a 1.3 MegaPixel camera, dual LED torch, dual SIM, voice recording, e-book reader, sound recorder, MP3/3GPP/MP4 player, etc. With an additional 20mm speaker, it offers music lovers something to enjoy, plus not to forget the dedicated music and radio keys integrated into it. The MAXX Rave costs only Rs. 1888/- which in my opinion is affordable and clearly a better buy than HEXA. It is available in two colour variations i.e Red and Black.

MAXX Buzz (MX188)

The MX188 aka Buzz: I don’t reckon it’ll create any sort of buzz anywhere. It consists of an 1800mAh battery similar to HEXA and talk time which is also equivalent to it. Costing Rs. 2068/- it really doesn’t have much of a difference in features in comparison to its above brothers.

Features included in this handset are 1.3MP camera, 2GB expandable micro sd card slot, MP3/MP4 playback, Dual Sim, expandable micro USB storage capacity of 4GB, privacy protection, etc. It is available in two colour variations i.e Yellow and Black.

Not much difference in costs between the three phones. However, if MAXX are to capture Rural Indian Markets efficiently phones like Rave would be more appreciable than the other two.


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