Now, You Can Convert Your 2D Videos Into 3D @ Youtube

YouTube 3D VideosAlthough, 3D televisions have flooded the market their sales more or less have been extremely poor which has got more to do with the lack of 3D content than with the technology or their prices. This is exactly what YouTube is looking to address with their latest 2D to 3D conversion beta tool.

Though 3D videos on Youtube have existed for quite some time now, earlier it was a sophisticated and lengthy process wherein you needed to set up two different cameras and combine it using specific video software. A task suited only for professionals and not the laymen. But now anyone and everyone can make 3D videos at the click of a button.

All you have to do is upload the video on YouTube as you normally would and then select ‘Edit Info’ and then “3D Video”. And Kaboom! Your 3D video is automatically created at the click of a button. As per Shenaz Zack Mistry, Product Manager, YouTube, the video quality would not be at par with the ones that you create using 3D cameras. And yes, you would still require 3D glasses to view the content.

The other good news is the announcement YouTube has made along with it, which states that those people who have throughly verified their accounts including their phone numbers and have not violated any copyright rules will be eligible to post video clips which are beyond the usual time limit of 15 minutes, as well. Over the last few months, Youtube has given the privilege to upload longer videos to several Youtube accounts, the formal announcement will only accelerate the growth of UGC (User Generated Content) on YouTube. For now, will Youtube be the savior for 3D content?


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