Tata DoCoMo Passes TRAI Quality Of Service Report (Ad Video)

TRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India has put out a quality of service report for all telecom operators. TRAI checked telecom operators on different network quality parameters. Tata DoCoMo recently announced that it has passed all parameters set by TRAI and has successfully managed its network to provide scale from 2G to 3G services.

Tata DOCOMO No Getting Away

Tata DoCoMo claims its advanced network technology to be a key differentiator, ensuring Network Availability, connectivity, Quality and least congestion. No wonder, Tata DoCoMo is also pushing the agenda of ‘continuity of network’ over geographical coverage. Tata DoCoMo is launching a series of 8 TV Ads to promote its network.

Here are a couple of new ads by Tata DOCOMO

Disclaimer: TATA DOCOMO is an advertiser with this publication.

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