Exclusive: Apple iPad 2 Coming To India Next Week, Starts at Rs 27,900

Tired of being quoted Rs 60k for the iPad 2 in India? Well not for long!

We suspected! and a trusted source just confirms that the Apple iPad 2 is coming to India next week! It is expected to launch via Vijay Sales, Croma and Reliance iStores. Yesterday we heard Apple COO, Tim Cook talking about the success of the device and 13 more countries getting the iPad 2 in a weeks time, luckily India figures on the list. 

Apple iPad 2

Apple was criticized badly for delaying the launch of the iPad 1 in India (it launched in Jan 2011), but it seems that they are making up with the iPad 2. The pricing as we guessed yesterday would be the same as the iPad 1, starting at Rs 27900 for the 16GB WiFi version and going up to Rs 44,900 for the 64GB 3G+WiFi version. Stay tuned!

Update: The launch date is 28-29th April.

Update 2: This is official! Yay

  • Tullio

    Did your trusted source mention anything about if Brazil is in the April 28/29th list?


  • Chetan

    I am highly skeptic bro. Its already 25th, no news at yet. Not even any press release from Apple. Any other updates from Apple India?

    • Annkur

      Hold on buddy!

  • AntarYaami

    HomeShop 18 was showing ads as early as 11th April, so. Oh well, its here.

    • Annkur

      Yes and that wasn’t official stock. An official Indian iPad 2 would have a INR MRP printed on the box. Go go check homeshop18 pieces that sold at a premium

  • Sirav Talwar

    Annkur bhai, I’ve been waiting for iPad for a year. When it finally arrived in India, rumours of a second version were there which turned out to be true. Thanks to you, I got satisfied that iPad 2 will launch in India.
    But, today Vijay Sales played with our emotions again…
    Do you expect it to launch by tomorrow?

    • Annkur

      Hey Sirav,

      VS did play with us: http://onlygizmos.com/india-vijaysales-ipad-2-launch/2011/04/

      I am confident that it will come up by Friday. Still standing by my source!


      • Sirav Talwar

        Nice man… Hope to get one.
        Btw, which colour do you prefer? The new “white” or the original “black”?

        • Annkur

          I personally like the Black one. But its really been mixed reports of who likes what. I have seen both in London and would stick to Black. but White is the best seller.

  • Bhrigu

    Respect for you man for giving us the scoop.
    Its official, iPad 2 is here.

    • Annkur


  • Sanket

    check out this website for all the apple leaks and apple related news!
    The above link shows all the countries the ipad2 is gonna launch in!~ :D