Quick Review: Samsung Star Superb (GT-S5560)

Samsung is leaving no stone unturned in the battle of the smartphones, leaving Nokia and others a real uphill task in the touchscreen race. Having sold 40 million touch phones in 2009 alone, Samsung has enough wisdom to know what really sells. Someone hunting for a Rs 8000 – Rs 12000 touchscreen smartphone isn’t a power user and the Samsung Corby / Star range suits them just perfectly. The iPhone wannabes if you can call them (and there isn’t any shame in being one); love the freedom of memory cards, ringtones, bluetooth file transfer, better camera with flash, cheaper price etc. The latest addition to the low end touchscreen from Samsung is the Star Superb (S5560). Bundling WiFi, 5MP camera, full touchscreen and a compact design at a price point of mere Rs 11,000 (<$250) is pretty much a success formula. IMO this one certainly kills the Nokia 5530 and even gives the 5800 a run for its money.

 The Star Superb is basically a Corby design with the finishing of a Samsung Star. Confused? Well the Samsung Corby series is this colourful and trendy looking phones that appeal to a lot of girls. While Corby has never been promoted as a girly phone, the business users always stuck to the elegant Black finishing of the Star (that does away with the curves to give it a classy look). However the Star Superb (GT-S5560) trims down a little, adds some curves and retains the elegant black finishing to appeal much better to the ones who prefer a non flashy touchscreen (not a power phone, not a super business phone, but just a mature looking device). Samsung has read the market situation pretty well and rolled out the Superb just in time. The Nokia 5233 / 5230 has just entered the market only to face tough competition from the original Corby and Star / Star 3G; whereas the 5530 is about to hit the shelves in India at around the Rs 11000 mark. Star Superb doesn’t add any better UI, software or touchscreen to what we have seen with the Corby / Corby Pro. The usual homescreens (3 of them), widgets that can be placed on the screen or hidden in the side menu etc.  The phone ships with a stylus in the box, though the operations are optimized for a full touchscreen (which is 3 inches wide) usage. However a 5MP autofocus camera with flash does the trick along with the compact design.

The back cover of the Superb isn’t the usual shiny plastic that you see in the Corby. Instead its a much more rubber / velvety material which gives the impression that it would catch scratches / marks pretty easily. The handset that I handled was just 4 days old and you can see the marks on the back already. (The same look is sported in the Omnia Pro and the Jet though they have a very elegant looking translucent back cover) . Apart from this the design looked pretty neat. The left side houses the volume controls and the right, the ‘lock’ and camera button. The good thing with Samsung is the box full of stuff they give you. A free 2GB microSD, datacable, soft cover, headset, CD and stylus.

 When competing with Nokia in terms of mobile Internet or as a smartphone Samsung would feel the need for a better OS here (btw they are coming up with BADA OS soon), however this segment is more sensitive to price and media features, that Samsung scores with. If you are looking for a touchscreen that has a decent camera / media support – The Superb fills the gap for you at the lowest cost. At Rs 11,000 this one is quite a steal.

A sample image clicked from the Samsung Star Superb Camera. click to enlarge

The back cover pose 2

Unboxing the Star Superb

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  • How is the camera especially in dark, does that small flash really works good?…….How is the video recording & playback quality? ….can we install any third party software?….which one is good Samsung superb or Nokia 5800?…m really confused between these two phone?..reply

  • i have purchased, very is okay, except unable to get the GPRS setting message from the service provider (BSNL south) , but the model is registered with the provider, but unable to get the setting messages to activiate GPRS, when setting message is sent from the provider it says message enrouted, but does not reaches the destination, but if i use the sim in a different handset, i am able to receive the settings, can anybody help.

    • send SAMSUNG S5560 to 58355
      then u will get 3 configuration setting msgs
      Just click on INSTALL option
      then GPRS settings will installed on ur mobile
      Then u can send
      1) GPRSPRE to 53733
      for this u should have a min balance of 50
      u will get a reply saying that “your request for GPRS activation received,Pl wait for confirmation msg-BSNLMOBILE”
      After getting confirmation msg u can access gprs
      2) GPRS89 to 53733 for this u should have a min bal of 139
      then u can download 2GB data with in one month

  • Yaaahh ! I agree ………….a full touchscreen,fake calls, WiFi, 5MP camera, and a compact design at a price Rs 11,000 certainly kills the Nokia 5530 and even gives the 5800 a run for its money.

  • I have purchaged this mobile just one week ago i am really impressed with the touch screen and 5MP Camera….

    Mobile looks so stylish and has very good features like dictionary,widgets,resolution and many more ……….

    I love this model form SAMSUNG…………….

  • I was firstly going to buy Nokia 5800 Xpress Music but when i heard about the Samsung’s Star Superb with Full Touch Screen, 5 MP Camera, and other facilities in Just Rs 10,600. I yesterday gone to the mobile shop and without taking any suggessions from anybody Buyed. Samsung Star Superb.

    This model is really a SUPERb Model compared to any other model of any other company in an excellent rate and features.

    ITs a really fantastic model……………………….

    I really LOVED this SAMSUNG STAR SUPERB Model………………………

  • Friends

    Thanks for your feedback on Samsung Star Superb. I have decided to Buy that phone. Can anybody Pl. let me know what is the least price for this phone

  • Dude… its really Funky and trendy. I saw it today only in Mobile Store and got attracted by features. Can’t think of getting a mob with 5 MP Camera & WiFiin just 10.7K.As 3 G features are not in much use(Cause only BSNL and MTNL customer can use the same,Other Service Provided didn’t get the licence , Also Few are thinking of launching 4G within a year time) it’s always preferable to buy this one. I m sure you won’t be disappointed…..Its a new launch…… hope it wil go long way…….So,All the best to all Star Superb User…….Next is what????????????


  • I bought the phone 2 days before for 10K from Churni Road, Mumbai with Bill/Warranty.
    Good thing is – its cheap, Camera is OK. Don’t expect quality as good as Digital Camera. Sound is a little bit better than Nokia. SE has far better for sound quality (not loudness).
    Bad thing is – Complicated, Speakers, Record buttons while talking, Radio needs antenna, Sound Quality, Auto adjustment of Image to the size of Mobile.
    Overall – you cannot expect much functions from a phone costing 10K. Good One to start.

  • Hi,
    I bought this a month back from Alfa @ 10K in mumbai… guys this phn rocks in all aspects except the internal memory..

    the touchscreen, sound quality, camera quality everything’s gr8…. i liked the phone very much…. its easy to use once u get used to it…

  • awsum fone man simply lub ds fn got ds last week as its name its a superb fn its a fully loaded fn gr8 cam, gr8 resolution,awsum drag n drop facility n alot of features to admire my say go fr it….

  • I want to go for this phone. Thanks for all your comments. Can you letme know if i can use googletalk with this.

  • previously I was using NOKIA’s 5300 Express music, and to tell u seriously I was fed-up wid the set…. and i was about to buy a new one… I went to a shop and asked the dealer to show me a set which is very new and should be loaded wid many extraordinary features, in a very nominal price….

    he at once showed me Samsung Star Superb…. The set looked as amazing as Scoda Superb…. without looking for the another one, just to compare… I bought this set at Rs. 10,500….. howz that???

  • Guys………… will u plz tell me wats da battery life of dis phone? M gonna purchase dis phone but really eager to knw abt battery life? Plz help me.!!!!!!!

  • is dis fne good in battery life….n net features..??
    n does it hv qvga screen or wvga screen…HELP PLZ….HAV T BUY A FNE WITHIN 2 DAYS..:p

  • is d sceen qvga or wvga and is d sound quality and battery life comparable to 5800 nokia…..help plz hav t buy a fne in 2 days…confused betwee 5800 and superb

  • i m confused between samsung corby pro and samsung star superb…………………..Plz suggest………………..

  • Samsung Star is not at all a good phone. I dont like the model and material at all. Very cheap material, Color fade problem is there. Thats why samsung is giving this in this price. the phone is looking like any ordinary Chinese phone.

  • It has a rubber finish body, but looks classy – needs to be handled with care. IMO – value for money

  • hiii. can any 1 tell me that is this mobile is good or bad, is there is any problem is in the touch or any other feature ( camera, Loudspeaker ). current price of the mobile also pls tell

  • GUYS .,.,M using da same phone belive me.,.,
    samsung STAR SUPERB , sucks ,,, its nt a all a gud phone costing Rs 11,700 including tax , its automated network iz also so poor , dat u can,t able 2 get throgh da network properly , sms is a big issue – as it use phone memory , which is around 8 MB ,

  • 5800 express music , Rs 13,600
    SAI:download mp3 cutter & joiner , wil take 5 min
    YOGESH:battery life iz around 1 half days avg ,

  • ANKUR Can you tell me about its wi fi Is it working properly and whether it is a 3G phone Is it good for long term basis

  • please someone help me by giving information about internal memory!!!!!!!!!! and why is that msging problem in samsung superb???????

  • please saw me how is clearity of samsung star superb?????? and also say about its internal memory!!!!!!!!! and about its problems coz i need to buy it so plz help me out

  • I bought this phone (star superb )2 week back and i m very happy, clearity is very gud and battery back is also fine, the only thing which i dnt like is volume level is very low not as per my expectation but over all is very good phone……… i am not at all agree wid nihar and ramesh…….

  • samsung (star superb gt-s5560) is really superb…..the wiser will give it st preference in race with nokia 5233 n 5800…

  • This is the best TOUCHSCREEN phone available in the market with 5 MP Camera and loads of features i bought it for 11K in Feb 2010 no issues with it till date. It also has a Mobile Tracker so make sure that you activate it the same day you buy it, cos I had lost the phone and got it back within few days. Thanks for SAMSUNG for adding MOBILE TRACKER in the features. It also has JAVA powered games CRICKET GAME is the best. Camera and Video has good clarity even during night.

  • can anybody pleeease tell me about the music in this phone, about the speaker quality. And also since it does not support 3rd party software,ie its only JAVA based, so will it support mp4 , i means can movies be played in it, which player does it hav to play movies.??????

  • This phn is awesome…I bought it on 28th of dis month…n m loving it since den……I too lyk many of u went thru some sites for reviews of other mobiles…..compared them ..(..nly went thru nokia n samsung…in a range 0f 11500/-….).its user friendly which is vry unlike other samsung phones….5 MP camera is good,audio is good,wifi,touchscreen is ok, looks r also satisfying…nly thing is m nt sure bout d battery …as its a 960mAH…which is less as compared to other descent touchscreen mobiles in dis price range….but if u r thinking of buyin it….I would suggest go for it…in delhi its cost is 10000/-…..njoy it….its worth of d price…al d best.

  • i got star superb from AMARGARH TOWN

  • i sugest to all of yoy


  • Hey is there any official site for SUPERB.
    i dint find any where in samsung’s site.
    i wana know bout its features lik. accelarometer. GPS. screen tile, internal memory, etc.
    nd How is it comparatively samsung jet…

  • hey is there any official site for SUPERB??
    its not shown in samsungs site. or anywhere eals.
    i wana know its features like GPS. acclerometer. screentilt inbilt memory.Anti-Shaker, Face Detection, Smile Shot, its processer speed.. etc….
    nd hows it comparatively samsung JET???

  • At Rs. 11,000, I’d rather ask the buyer to spend Rs. 1,500 extra and go for the Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700. TouchWiz is extremely limited and for just Rs. 1,500 you get a full blown Android OS. And 2.1, that too. Spica Meatball!

  • sir ,i m really confused with s5620 and s5560….i want good camera …is s5620 camera is good enough…

  • Hey All

    Please help me out somebody.
    I am planning to buy a samsung ph bt i am confused between superb S5560 and Galaxy GT I5700 Plz plz plz help?

  • AFAIK, Samsung i5700 has a superior processor 800MHz and has Android OS. This means lots of Apps, games, ….
    The i5700 can also play DivX formats out of the box which means it simply doubles up as a great video player. However it is 2K more than S5560

  • hi……?
    which one is best-samsung star,samsung*superb,S5560 .I m confused pls telll me….

    moi…. 9451158073 settings

  • Have purchased this Samsung Star Superb (S5560) from UniverCell at 10,850 Rs. I did enough research and had made up my mind for Nokia 5530. After going to shop, I looked at this model which had similar features as 5530. So I had two options. Finally I chose Samsung model due to following distinct features:
    1) 5 MP camera with LED, so we can take pretty good snaps in dark.
    2) Dictionary, Fake Calls, Handwriting recognition and many more fancy features.
    3) Wifi – Good Internat speed. I have started using it more often instead of my laptop for chatting and quick mail check.
    4) FM Radio with Recording facility – Very unique feature as it is not supported anywhere I guess. You can record anything playing on Radio.
    5) Good English Vocabulary.
    6) Battery is decent.
    7) Sound Quality – Not that loud but appears decent enough.
    8) Fake Calls – You can make an incoming calls to your mobile. This is much needed when you are stuck in some unwanted meetings and pray God to rescue from it.
    9) Google Maps – Too Good and very fast with Wifi. I could locate my home and get directions anywhere I wish to go.

    It has landscape mode only for several applications but I heard that in 5530 everything becomes landscape as soon as it is held that way. Not sure though.

    Still exploring other features……

    I don’t know if it was better decision over 5530 but with this handset in hand, I found it very great and feel value for Money.
    Have seen iPhone with some of friends and could see that all that features are easily available in this model.

  • in this cell there is a loss in wallpaper style,we can’t put any pics of owers need because it is divided into 3 parts…………

    • ek dum bakwas ,, phone use karna bandh kar de… ./ , ye phon tere baap ne nikala he? chal nikal ,, or pajor use kar ,, ya fir mar ja ,,, hat nikal ,, cartun,, hrrr hrrr

  • hey m surabhi 4rm itanagar got dis cell on my birthday. d cell sems nice bt thr is a prob in putting wallpaper,,,, we can’t put other image because it is divided into 3 parts……………………

  • i too got the samsung star superb, most features are good for the price of 10,600, only cannot put easily on loudspeaker or silent when speaking on phone. also we cannot record a call, when speaking like in most nokia phones. if anyone knows how to recoed voice when speaking, pls inform.

  • I like the phone … but m unable to install the software on PC with thw CD provided… can any one please help me with site where I can download the softwate for PC Suits.

  • how is its display clearity as given on internet is 240×400 pixels…..is it good?????????and wht abt battery life>>>>

  • i purchased it,and know i have problem on installing dictionary or games on it… it appears an error after installation complete.. when i want to run the program,it shows: JAVA ERROR,not enough memory!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have a 4G ram on my phone,and i install programms on my memory card.. please help me on this topic

  • This mobile is awesome I love it I think it is the best in this range its really superb……

  • good mobile camera,touch,wifi,gps but no 3g overall value for money but message problem is big issue

  • Hey i have this mobile and its working superb. Camera quality is best and audio too. You can compare this mobile with Nokia ones. Looks simple but sty-lo…

    I loved to have this mobile and i am sure u will also love to have it…so if u r in confused state go and get it u will not regret it for sure……..

  • i am using samsug star superb n its a good phone over all… bt d biggest problm wit da fone z dat v can harly keep msges… i m addicted 2 messaging a lot.. n everyday i hav 2 delete my inbox n folders… v can hardly keep arond 300 msges n cnt evn save it 2 d memory card.. n another problm wit dis phone z dat most of d applications does not open if we download n save it.. like games n ebooks.. thr are another coupl of probs wit samsung phones.. like… we cannot open the inbox while talking over phone.. cz of wich sumtimes i hav 2 disconnect n call again.. if u dont hav problems wit these then u can definitely go 4 this phone.. bt as far i m concerned.. m a bit nt satisfied wit d fone… bt overall its good…

  • This phone is awsome mobile . I like the camera the most . It even has wifi which is quite useful.

  • its really good Features explanation:
    Battery : 2days while playing MP3
    Camery : Clarity in night times and flash works very good at time of using camera
    Required : Screen gaurds is not released in market and opentop covers is not available in market.

  • hii guyz!!! on internet it is shown that ii has 240×400 pixels
    resolution,so does it make much difference in display clarity compared 2 nokia 5800 which has 360×640 pixels??????And how is the wifi speed and functionality???Also what is sms inbox capacity?????


  • Do the samsung phones come with a ‘notes’ application. 2 friends of mine got samsung phones ( 1 got superb & the other got a star) but neither of them got notes in it.

  • BEWARE: NOT WINDOWS 7 COMPATABLE. It will be a cold day in Hades before I buy another Samsung product.

  • I want to buy this fone so plz tell me whether it’s camera is really has the difference frm 3.2 mp camera of samsung and is it creating problem in doing SMS as I read above???and is it user friendly or not and how is the sound quality???


  • I’ve had mine 5 days now and I finally got it working with Windows 7 (barely). What a nightmare. Now it has failed to send 3 text messages and failed to connect to the Internet via WiFi on several occasions. User friendly? Sort of, but I would get another type/model if I had it all to do over again. It certainly wouldn’t be a Sumsung. They just said “FU” to all users of Windows 7, since they have no plans to release & software. Buyer beware. Just my 2 cents.

  • P.S. My Nokia E63 NEVER had any of these problems. The only reason I bought the Samsung was because I wanted a touch screen and a better camera. The camera on the Samsung is better and is not too shabby for a cell phone.

  • Hey ppl i bought this phone 5 days back …. i read about it on this site only….

    I would like to share my experience with Samsung Superb.

    ++Positive points
    1) Awesome camera-specially panoramic pic option i.e. you can take images upto 270 degrees wide.

    2) It has Auto focus so image quality is pretty good, it has features abd settings that rival good digital cameras. Though sometimes clarity is not as clear as digicam.

    3)Surfing via opera is smooth and download speed goes upto 11-14 mbps which is good for phone of this range.

    4)Phone is good in response, and querty when used wid stylus is very fast to use.

    –Negative points
    1) only 50 mb internal memory and as all samsung phones all downloads and file transfer are on phone memory… so you cant download/transfer huge files. Also some video formats are not supported

    2) Battery is one major negative. If you charge in the morning and take 20-30 pics, listen to music for an hour battery goes low by evening. I have had to charge it each morning since i have bought it.

    3) apps on phone suck … i would suggest you download opera 5 and use actual sites intead… apps performance is pretty lame; only 500 sms storage

    On the whole i am pretty satisfied

    Note: If you need long music battery backup you may look at nokia phone but if you need an awesome camera go for this SUPERB phone. For my requirements it is value for money

  • hi, i’m having a problem with my star superb.. the manual says that the sms memory is 500+sim.. but my total memory status for text messages is 206/500.. but still the phone is showing memory full.. does anyone have any idea, what could be the reason?

    also i cant understand how to configure my email address on the phone using sync or whatever.

  • hey !! the camera flash is very good ….. i also use it as a torch in d night…. vry good phone….

  • hi .. guys i am planning to purchase this phone bt somehow nt able to make up my mind after reading difficulties in messgng , speakers , cheap finish .Also i am fond of keeping and storing my favorites messages of my friends and some users says that we have to delete some messages from inbox …. suggest me what to do

  • I got this one, a white one. Cons: hate the sms reports…you receive 1 message back and not a push advice like Nokia for example. Other bad aspect: I really dont understand the SMS lenght count. coz sometimes I write a few letters and it has a limit etc..which I really dont understand..Other bad aspect: when you send a sms you get a really annoying screen that you cant escape or the sms wont be sent.
    Good aspects: Very nice camera; Very good autonomy; Very Stylish and overall is a good mobile.

  • Hi everyone,
    I need ur help iN deciding which phone to by between-Samsug Corby (Pro) and Samsung Star Superb .Both hv wi-fi in them.Need ur advice ASAP.Bye.

  • hi … sally can u please tell me about the problems that you are facing while sending and receiving messages . you have mentioned that mobile does’nt allow you to write long messages bcz if this is the case then this phn sucks as the basic use of mobile is not coming into picture

  • Hi Prakhar,
    thnx for the reply.Justed checked out today at the shop that Samsung Star and Nokia 5800 are available at the same price.Again both hv wi-fi and the salesman was telling me tht Nokia has better features such as 2 cameras(front and back), 3G compatible. Only thing Nokia doesnt hv is social network applications eg facebook but tht again can be downloaded on the net..so now just need to decide between Nokia 5800 and Samsung Star. Wht do u recommend??
    Awaiting ur valuable feedback.

  • i lke samsung super star…….i m geting al d facalities which i dnt get yet in nokia 5800….except 3G

  • hiiii….rahul….i suggest u to buy samsung super star….its a amazing cell phne…….as compare to samsung corby (pro)

  • no call recorder, no functions while call in time.. not to go to menu , msg in box….. bloody phone……………….. lost my money…

  • -> Processing is very slow, You can take a small nap while navigating one menu to other,
    -> Phone has some problem with its answer Key, It receives the incoming call wit some delay (e.g if I try to receive any call pressing receive key it wont respond for another 20sec tht is actually big delay).
    -> Its keypad lock option is another strong demerit for s5560, (If you r getting any incoming call and by mistake if u press lock button you cannot receive call until u unlock it tht is not at all acceptable and very irritating ).
    -> You cannot connect you memory card as default memory for SMS, and have to compromise with limited memory for ur mssgs.
    -> Although it has touch screen it has very bad sensing capability.

  • This phone lacks something pretty major ie. 3rd party applications.Both Nokia 5800 and 5530 run symbian s60v5 with full ovi support.This means a lot of apps and games.Also their UI is slicker and easier to use.So i go with nokia 😀

  • does it have pop3 or Imap email client to configure and use Gmail and hotmail in it ? is is good for using chat clients like yahoo, Gtalk or MSN ?

  • OK guys let me tell you everything about this phone…i have bought this phone 3 weeks ago !!!
    According to my experience…this phone support everything untill now excluding .sis file extension..but it has a very good java enabled which can play 2 MB games..it is very fast not complicated..good sensor same like iphone…can drink beer bottle in it too…camera is good too…flash is also great..screen resolution is also perfect and one most important thing it play MP4 videos with diamond like clearity…make sure to convert the video with ANY VIDEO CONVERTER frame rate 24 and bit rate 728 240*320 pixel size…this is awesome phone believe me

  • Hi I have a Samsung star superb for last 3 months and I am OK with the operations….However, suddenly today my phone book memory is showing zero….I had around 600 numbers stored and now settings is showing as 0/2000…….I did not press any clear options….Can some one tell me how to restore the phone book settings??

  • i had saw my friends samsung superb phone quality of camera is great of bt its touchscreen quality is nt so well u have to press little harder i think can anybody tell me abt it?????

  • I got superb 3 days back.
    I have used iphone in the past so no comparison with iphone.
    But according to the price range this is quite nice.
    1 problem that I am facing is when I put a speaker with 3.5 mm jack in Superb phone, instead of playing music in the speaker that I connect, it starts dialing last dialed number .. this is funny and irritating as well.. this also happens sometimes with the earphones that came with the phone.

    will be going to service centre in less than a week 🙁

  • @ sunny : it does support 4gb as well as 8 gb card.
    Wifi works on this but its not that greatt.. I mean if you are close to the wireless modem then may be you will get good browsing but when you go little far, its weak.
    So if you are buying only for wifi, i wud suggest not to buy

  • Overall, the Samsung Superb S-5560 seems to be an excellent mobile, giving full value for the money you pay for it. Small onboard RAM, restricted battery life, small SMS saving capacity & inability to save SMS on memory card, seem to be the main minus points. But on the whole the Samsung Superb gives full value for money compared to comparable Nokia models which are not only exorbitantly priced but do not have any additional features like those found in plenty on SAMSUNG mobiles. Nokia is known more for its Reliability and User-Friendly interface than anything else, while Samsung is becoming increasingly popular because of its wide range of the most affordable and feature rich models offering full value for money. Buyers of Samsung mobiles are very often immensely pleased with their decision to go for a Samsung mobile when they discover that they have got so much for so little. And I think that is the secret behind Samsung’s marketing strategy: TO GIVE MORE FOR LESS. Well Done, Samsung. Keep it up. We Love Samsung mobiles.

    However, if Samsung pays more attention to solving the problems faced by buyers (the actual users) of Samsung mobiles and follows up on redressing them at the soonest while maintaining strict quality control backed by easily available and reliable after sales service, with its feature rich and affordable mobiles, SAMSUNG is certain to beat Nokia into a corner very soon and take over the Indian Mobile market as the undisputed leader.

  • How do i get the fake messages activated with this cell? I have been getting fake msgs in the same manner as fake calls but wanted to know how does it get activated?

  • Seems to be a good phone, i want to buy it . but having one doubt about its message settings… i think we shud be able to save messages to memory card as in nokia phones.

    Cn anyone suggest onit.

  • My main requirement is to have Good Camera Phone with Video recording facility.

    Shall i take this phone. Please suggest

  • If anyone wants this phone, I got this phone in mumbai on 1st of august 2010 and want to sell ti for 8000, I somehow dont like this and will buy iphone for me.
    you can email me at vickram@obopay.com thx

  • i am confused b/w samsung monte and samsung star superb and samsung galaxy3 . plus what good will a better O.S do to a collegegoer like me?

  • There is no call recorder option in Samsung GT S5560..really didnt think at the time of buying…wasted my money

  • limited of settings are installed in pc studio. but u can connect with the dail up option. u wil get an extra intialisation code from the provider(cstmr care), and dailup number too.

  • Is there is mobile tracker software in samsung s5560?
    Is this is automatically active when we start using the mobile?
    Is there is any activation process for this?

    If any one use this mobile know about this then please reply me.

  • PLEASE HELP!!!! I’m trying to set up my Samsung S5560 for mms With ATT USA, can somebody help me???? Thank you

  • the gt-s5560 is a nice smartphone by samsung,i purchased it 2 month before..the problem is it has no 3g and problems like we can’t change themes,no gps navigator,we can’t record incoming call etc.,,otherwise it is nice smartphone with 5mp camera,edge,internal browser,supports java appn.,etc….so go for it..use opera browser for better browsing experience..:-)

  • 5800 is better….it is 3g nd has wifi nad many apps……camera is almost as gud as star superb nd after alll…..nokia ka bharosa

  • i love my lovely mobile………….sumsung star superb………..gun luking wid lots of features,……………

  • Hi guys,

    I have purchased this mobile 2 month back and within 5 days it stopped working. I went to samsung service center in gurgoan. The service provided by serivce center was really bad. They behave like government officers. Well after taking strong followup with them i got my mobile back after 10-15 day in working stage; And from last 2 month i am using it and now i can say it is good mobile and i am happy with it. Camera and sound quality is very good. Flash is also very gud and work fine. The main problem which i feel with it is, its body and screen. Its body and screen is made up of plastic and very scratch prone. Within one month, my mobile got lot of scratches in screen and body. Touch is good but not gud as Iphone. Application are bit slow but can be manageable. Overall it is good phone and justify its price. If you really need 5 Mega pixel camera with flash with gud sound quality with 16 Gb expendable memory then this mobile is perfect for you… good luck

  • yo,i’d purchasd diz cel ph. b4 6mnths ago.so i knw d wel ‘but it.camera faclty itz prfct,sound qulity gud bt vdo qulty itz nt lyk NOKIA 5800…in diz ph. no high rsolution vdo suport.so itz bad thngz n nothr is wen u workng on gprs,aftr dan d ph. vl b cmpltely hng ovr n al progrmz r slow n also diz cel ph. dnt updat atal.othrwiz othr facltyz r awesum budyz..PEACE

  • in diz u dnt activ voice duratin cal record.diz faclty itz nt available n also u dnt do nethng or watch wen u talkng wid sum1..itz earph. sound qualty itz gud betr den nokia,sontericson n
    ipod..u cnt tak it bt futur functin itz nt prfct..

  • from last 4 months my mobile touch z not working,,,,nd i went to company even they dont hav ne reason for that……….
    i hav wasted my money by purshasing this bloody mobile phone………….

  • I don’t have this cell phone But My wife uses it. i wish I have it One day. i’m Crying because I dont have money. please please my wife give it to me. I Love UUUUUUUUU

  • This phone is a piece of junk, What’s the most irritating feature? You can’t make your memory card the default memory for the camera/video. When you set it to memory card it defaults back to the phone automatically, after you finish the current photo/video session. WTF?

  • koi star superb phone lena chata hai to plz 09813134050 pr contact kare mere pass ye model h or main real tang aa chuka hu plz koi lena chat h to plz mujhe call kre main sach main ies se piccha chutwana chata hu

  • Recently I thought I had lost my Samsung S5560. I was overjoyed! Then I found it and became depressed again, What a piece of junk.

    Do yourself a favor and buy a Nokia.

  • its a f** phone.. it doesnot hv call recording option and when im in call im unable to open menu option..i wasted my money by investing this mobile..who ever they said its good just f**off

  • i gt it for 7500 bucks…its a value for money…its working f9 without any glitches…u cnt xpect it 2 b like apple iphone….the features u gt for 7500 is too muh…wifi speed is good….sound quality awesome…and the 5MP camera with flash is mind blowing…i hv tkn sme splendid pictures with it…thnx samsung….

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