Solved: Tata Photon not working on Windows 7? (EpiValley SEC-8089 driver)

Got a Tata Photon+? Happy about the 3.1mbps connection? Well it sure works like a charm – and I would confess here that all videos we uploaded to youtube during the IIT Techfest coverage this year was using a Tata Photon+. So after being impressed by this product that I borrowed from my Dad for a week, I decided to buy one. And here began a 48 hour mad chase hunting for the Windows 7 drivers to get this working.

Incidentally the Photon+ I used was an older model by Huawei and the newer models shipped are the EpiValley modems. For some reason, the one I took last week didn’t work on Windows 7. bummer! Search for Epi Valley SEC-8089 drivers on Google and you would come across fake sites using the keywords to give you nothing at all. Search for Tata Indicom / Photon Windows 7 drivers didn’t help either (thanks to the wonderful website they have built from a SEO perspective). So if, you are one of those who are looking for the Tata Photon+ Windows 7 drivers (and believe me there are plenty of us out there), here are the links.


Other Win7 Drivers for Tata:

Windows 7 Upgrade Patch for Huawei EC1260

Windows 7 Upgrade Patch for Huawei EC168C

Windows7 Dialer for SXC1080

Windows7 Dialer for SXC 1280 NonRUIM

Windows7 Dialer for SXC 1280 RUIM

Windows 7 Upgrade Patch for Huawei EC1260

Find them on

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  • There are two folders in the downoad. The first is is named Dashboard and the other Firmware. Installing the dashboard was no hassle but the firmware asked for a password. Pls let me know if there is anything i can do to resolve the problem.

  • its not working on my Windows 7 64bit.. i am getting error that . Its says the data card not found Error Code 2..

  • its not working on my Windows 7 64bit.. i am getting error that . Its says the data card not found Error Code 2..

  • For EC1260 I installed firmware upgrade first. It went fine, but I am not able to install dashboard upgrade. I tried uninstalling and installing Access manager software, but I couldn’t upgrade the dashboard. Also my modem is no longer detected by Huawei access manager software. Took it to the tata indicom showroom, their PC is able to detect the modem.

    Does anyone know where I can downloaded any new Huawei access manager software installer?

  • u r great buddy , in my system it was not working but i have applied u r patch now it working fine

    thank u so much . thanks for u r help

  • Really great, Thanks a lot….
    When the SEC 8089 modem was not getting installed on my new Win7 laptop and was searching for wayout, I got the impression that even Tata Photon cust care or their tech personnel do not know the actual reason for non installation. They never suggested the correct procedure, rather they do not know. Moreover they never attended my complaint even after registering the same. I rectified the problem after installing the driver myself.

  • Dear All,

    i have tata photon + with Win 7 , it asks for installation again and again , when i try to connect to internet , it asks me for the i dont have admin rights ,i have to call Administrator again and again .

    please help

    • i got the same error message on the win7 laptop – the jokers at Tata have said that its an issue with the USB drive. what a bunch of morons. the same error message can’t come on all USB drives on different win7 machines. I strongly urge Tata to do the research before pushing things onto customers. now i am sitting with a 2500 modem and it does not work.

  • Hi,
    I have a Tatphoton + USB modem model SEC8380, is it compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, As the system crashes very often after I use this modem on Classpnp.sys. I again need to re-install the Operating system as it doesnt evn boot in Safe Mode.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    I am using HAUWEI EC152 USB Stick for TATA Photon+ connection.

    My OS is Windows 7.

    I could install and complete activation, however the USB stick is no longer detected when I connect to my laptop.

    Could you kindly help?


  • how to download tata photon whiz driver for windows 7. Plz tell me from which site i will download.

  • Hi,

    I am using Windows 7 (32 bit) and Tata Photon+ USB EC152. I am able to connect but it’s very slow. Please help.

    Thanks in advance.


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