Things To Gift This Valentine’s Day Under Rs. 1,000

Things To Gift This Valentine’s Day Under Rs. 1,000

One of the toughest things to decide on special occasions is what to gift. You may come across the same problem tomorrow as its Valentine’s Day. And if you’re a tech-lover, like us, then the problem becomes graver and gift options become lesser. But we are here to help you out! So after a thorough discussion, we at OnlyGizmos have listed out a few things that you could purchase for your loved one’s for just under Rs. 1,000.

TalkTime Plan 

Don’t you hate it when suddenly in the middle of an interesting conversation, your loved one’s balance runs out! Yeah we’ve all been there. So a very simple, yet useful gift could be a TalkTime Plan. Most carriers have plans that allow you to talk with certain selected numbers for a nominal charge. Buy your better half a plan like that so that those calls can go on all night.

Dual USB Drive 

Is your loved one the kind who clicks a lot of selfies? I’m not judging but then if such is the case, your other half’s phone’s storage may get full very soon. This Dual USB Drive from Sandisk is here to help you out. It works both as a pendrive and has a micro-USB port on the other hand. We’ve tried this little gadget and it works just as advertised. So your better half will always have extra storage for pictures, movies or anything.


Earphones can be an extremely important accessory, especially when you want to talk secretly at night with your loved one (Pro Tip: Use headphones to chat at night and if anyone sees you, act as though you’re listening to music). Its not just this, good earphones can be used to listen to favourite songs as suggested by her or him. These Sony one’s look good as well as sound just fine.

Phone Case 

Nowadays with phones getting similar and being made out of materials such as glass, they are more prone to damage. Hence it is advisable to put a case on your phone. Also, adding a good looking case makes your phone more attractive while reflecting your personality. Sites like Chumbak and Dailyobjects have very good looking and sturdy cases. From batman to cats they have it all.

If you’re a techie / geek / nerd / phone-lover, here are some pick-up lines to get you through your date with a pinch of tech in it.




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