Twitter Reactions to Freedom 251

Twitter Reactions to Freedom 251

From the past few days, a news which is going viral is that of a $4 rupees smartphone. The Noida-based manufacturer, Ringing Bells launched the Freedom 251 – The cheapest 3G phone, on their website for Rs. 251. The registrations for it begin today and the phone is expected to be delivered in June, 2016. The phone which was launched yesterday, got famous a few days prior for its specifications and for its unrealistic price. And with price so steep, we wanted to know what is India really thinking about it, so we went to the most-loved platform for cribbing- Twitter!

For all those who couldn’t afford the most cheapest phone, the company was considerate enough to let you bring half.

And getting chocolates as a change is just so mainstream.

For people who wanted to get their hands-on the phone and tried registering online!

And people tried it offline as well:-

If this is the speed at which the pre-bookings go, we fear this will happen:-

And, in the end, we just hope we don’t get something like this in hand, or maybe something more worse.

Otherwise this ought to happen:

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