Xiaomi Announces Smart Water Purifier Along with 4K TV

Xiaomi Announces Smart Water Purifier Along with 4K TV

Xiaomi’s latest addition to its list of innovations was outshadowed by another. Last week the Chinese company launched two new products- Xiaomi smart water purifier and Xiaomi 4K TV.

The smart purifier was launched along with the 4K TV by the Chinese firm. The 4K TV took the limelight for obvious reasons. Everyone was asking the same question, what is the point in having a smart water purifier? This smart purifier is a part of Xiaomi’s Mi Home network, yet it was met with surprise and muted ridicule – after all do we need our water purifiers to be “smart”?

Similar to any other water purifier, it is supposed to sit in the kitchen and turn tap water into drinking water. The device from the range of Xiaomi’s Mi Home network allows the consumers to check its settings and recent activity and get alerts when replacement filters are needed.

The most bragged product by Xiaomi has been developed with Yunmi Technology. The purifier uses reverse osmosis, the same process used for bottled pure water filtration, desalinization and medical water. The company has decided the price of this Mi water purifier to be Rs 13,000.

“This is a product we would love to bring to India soon — Mi Water Purifier. Just announced today, it makes tap water drinkable with Reverse Osmosis (RO), is super compact, shows real-time water quality, and reminds you on your smartphone when it’s time to replace the filter,” Xiaomi vice-president Hugo Barra said in a Facebook post.

Mi water purifier features four filters. A cotton filter which can clean sediment rust and while the RO membrane filters heavy metals, bacteria and other organic matter. And the two activated coconut carbon filters reduce discoloration and odour and improve the taste.

The purifier can be controlled with the help of an installed app which gives real-time data on the purity of the water and reminds users to change the filters. The Xiaomi version of water purifier is smart, smaller, and eight times faster and more compact than a standard purifier.

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