Another iPhone 4G Lost…and Found!


“Hey, wanna see something?”




“I mean, really something amazing!”


“Oh for god’s sake, what is it now? An authentic pair of spectacles once worn by Bill G? I am not falling for that one again!”


“No man, no. This is the real McCoy. Take a look at this!”


“What’s so special about that? It looks like a remote control.”


“Oh come on, man. I got it from the bag of an engineer in Cupertino. He works in The company.”


“You mean…”


“Yeah! And he is part of the Godphone project. He had to pop to the washroom to answer the call of nature, and I decided to rifle through his bag and well, lookie what I found!.”


“This remote control.”


“It is not a remote control, man. Why would you think that a chap working in the big A would go about carrying a remote control in his bag?”


“I have no idea.”


“Exactly. Which is why I think that this is not a remote control. It was in an envelope labelled “Project A” and…”


“Looks like a remote to me. This is the volume button, this is the channel changer and…”


“Man, you are thick as a brick. Don’t you see what this is?”


“It is a remote!”


“No, you fool, this is the iPhone 4G?”


“What! You have to be kidding. This does not even look like a phone!”


“Oh don’t be daft, did the iPhone look like a phone? Therein lies the genius of Stevie J. Man, he is so unpredictable.”


“But look, this is not even a touchscreen, there’s no display…and…”


“Man, don’t you remember how Jobs took everyone took the world by surprise by bringing out a touchscreen phone that needed no stylus?”


“Yes, but..”


“Well, this time he has gone one further and come out with a phone with no display!”


“What?! That is ridi…”


“…culous? People said that when Stevie talked of pinch to zoom in and out and multitouch. This is just rad. After an all touchscreen phone with a large display, the next iPhone is gonna be a device that is totally button driven and with no display! Don’t you see?”


“But drat it, man, where are you going to see anything at all? How do I see who is calling or browse the Net or read my mail…”


“Aha, Archimedes. Check out that little bulb at the top?”


“That looks like the infra-red port for sending a signal to the TV or DVD player…”


“No, no. Don’t you get it? It is a projector outlet!”




“Stop saying “what!” all the time, will you? Of course it is a projector outlet. The air will be your display and everything will be visible in front of you! No need for displays any more. Hah! That man J is a genius!”


“Oh come on, this is too much. There is even space for AAA cells inside.”


“There is? Wow!”


“What the blazes are there to “Wow!” about? It proves that this is a television remote!”


“No, you nit. It proves that after being unable to resolve battery issues with Lithium Ion batteries, Uncle Stevie has gone back to good old alkalines. What a man!”


“Look here, all you have is a stolen remote. It even says “Sony Bravia” here.”


“Good lord! What a move to pull the wool over our eyes. What genius? What disguise? What deception? You know something?


“What now?”


“I bet it would work as a remote too! A universal remote that doubles as a cell! Amazing. What..”


“…an ass you are. Look, you need to return this to the guy you stole it from.”


“Stole? How dare you imply that I am stealing? I just took something out of his bag for the betterment of humanity and science!”


“You have got to be kidding…”


“Nope. We live in the information age, and by holding back information on the iPhone 4G, Apple is actually going against the nature of the very age it exists in.”


“A few moments ago, you were applauding their disguise…”


“Scratch that! There is a need to know about the iPhone 4G and all I am doing is addressing that need.”


“I think you are a thief and a hallucinator.”


“Hah! You will be singing a different tune when you see this baby plastered all over the world’s tech blogs and sites. I am gonna be famous. Now, excuse me, I must be going.”


“To see a shrink, I hope.”


“Oh no, to send samples of pics of this baby to all the tech blogs I know. I bet they will be fighting to get a touch of the iPhone 4G.”


“And you will let them…”


“Of course, I will. Provided they pay enough. Look out, Uncle Stevie, I know your secret. And so will the world tomorrow. I just love washrooms.”

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  • LOL, somewhere in the middle, where you said projector with video in thin air like Starwars, I did buy-in on you idea; You got me. ha ha ha

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